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Bryson’s Current Favorite Activity- Moon Dough Ocean Pals Kit

I think I listed making homemade moon-dough on our family to-do list for the summer, but I never actually got around to it.  I couldn’t find colored sand, but it’s okay!  Instead, we’ve had tons of fun with our new Moon Dough Push N Pop Ocean Pals kit and I didn’t have to put any effort into making it, haha.  Win-win!

A lot parent’s shy away from Moon Dough, because they think it is too messy.  Life with a 2 year old and an 8 month old is messy pretty much 24/7 and I guess that I’ve just gotten used to it, so I don’t run away from messy activities.  I clean up before bed and sleep peacefully knowing that everything is (kind of) clean until morning.

This was Bryson’s first experience with Moon Dough and to say that he enjoys it would be an understatement.  He asks to play with it almost daily.  This set holds his attention well, for up to 30 minutes or so, which is saying a lot for my normally bouncing from one thing right to another toddler.  His favorite part is making sea-turtles, as many as he can possibly make, then lining them all up on the included ocean background.  He uses his imagination and I’ll hear the sea-turtles swimming and making all kinds of sounds.

We store our Moon Dough in a gallon size storage bag, with each color divided into the bags the Moon Dough originally comes in.   When it’s time to clean up, all of the accessories are stored in the large storage bag too.  This makes it easy to keep up with all of the pieces and Bryson can help pick up.

If you are worried about a mess, I suggest using a large box lid or a cookie sheet to play on.  This will keep all of the Moon Dough in one place and off of your floors.

My favorite thing about Moon Dough is that it allows Bryson’s imagination to run wild.  In one sitting yesterday, he made sea-turtles, lined them up and we counted them.  Then, he went to get his “blue blanket” and he covered them all up and told me they were sleeping.  Those sea-turtles woke up from their nap hungry, so we had to break out the pretzels and feed them.  Did you know sea-turtles like pretzels?  Me either.  He played with them for the longest time and now, he’s already set up with Moon Dough again this morning & it’s only 8:20AM as I type.

The only hiccup we’ve had with Moon Dough is that if you play with it for long periods of time, it will color your hands.  We haven’t had any problems with staining but to be safe, wash your hands after use.  I guess that in the past folks have had problems with Moon Dough being too crumbly.  Well, they listened to the complaints and this is a new formula that is supposed to be less crumbly.  I can’t comment on the difference, because I never tried the old formula, but I can say that we’ve had no issues using the new & improved Moon Dough.

Moon Dough is available at Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us, Target, and Amazon.

We received this Moon Dough kit through the Team Mom network in exchange for our honest review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as always.

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