Red Top Mountain State Park // Our Weekend Trip

Back in March, Justin and I went on a short overnight getaway- our first ever.  We left the house unsure of exactly where we were going other than Rome, GA.  We ate lunch, shopped a bit, and then got back on the road.  We headed towards Cartersville and saw the signs for Red Top Mountain […]

Ball Season 2016

As of last night, our t-ball season is finished. Baseball ended a few weeks ago. It was a fun season and it reminded me how much I love the game. Admittedly t-ball is not my favorite and at times was downright boring but the last couple games our team seemed to come to life. Bella […]

A New Sweet Season

On Mother’s Day six years ago, I woke up and peed on a stick.  Justin and I quickly learned that baby #2 was on the way and that we mostly just have to look at one another and say “let’s have a baby” and we are pregnant.  I don’t take that for granted but I […]

Through All of It

I open my dashboard and stare at the blank screen. Then I close it. The process repeats every few weeks. Writing has always been “it” for me.  I’ve kept some kind of journal for as long as I can remember.  I wrote online before “blog” was even a word.  But now it’s hard not to […]

Catching Up

Once again, it’s been a while. I’m fairly certain I’ve started almost every blog post since Brynlee was born that way. So much has happened since I’ve truly updated though and it’s overwhelming so let’s go with bullet points, shall we? Brynlee is trach-free! She pulled her trach out at the end of January.  She […]

Release. In which I say “sucks” a lot.

The moment a child is born, life is changed forever. We all know that. We’ve heard it over and over and if you have a child, you’ve experienced it. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first child or your fifth- life changes. With Brynlee, life changed in a lot of unexpected ways. Her entrance into […]

sunshine & smiles

Brynlee had a great week last week.  It was by far our best week yet.  I did not find myself crying in the floor- not even once.  She turned 11 weeks old on Saturday, the 22nd.  The previous Sunday, the 16th, we took her to church for the first time.  My parents even joined us!  […]

Bryson is FIVE! {A Small & Simple Toy Story Birthday}

Okay, so he’s been five for over a month now.  Even so, I still want to record the memory of his fifth birthday here on the blog.  I remember when he was born how age 5 sounded so old, so far away- and now, here we are.  5 is such a big age- a year […]

when you don’t want to look back and you can’t look ahead

When you don’t want to look back because it hurts too much.   And you don’t want to look forward because you know it’s going to be hard.   That’s where I’m at as of 11:24PM on New Years Eve.   And anything I say just makes me sound like Debbie Downer.   At the […]

Glow Stick Party – Family Fun

Last week, the kids and I were sitting at the dining room table playing with a fresh batch of homemade play dough when out of no where, Bryson asks if we can have a glow stick party later that night.  Unsure of exactly what a “glow stick party” consisted of, I agreed anyways because we […]