what she wore wednesday // SweetHoney Little Girl Charlee

Playing dress-up has been mine and Brynlee’s special time since she came home. Before her I had never gotten into boutique clothing and didn’t care too much about frilly dresses. Having a child in the NICU and not being able to cloth her seemed to change that for me. For the first 20 days of […]

what she wore // Cheeky Plum + Livy’s Pretties

Since dressing Brynlee up is one of my favorite things, I thought it would be fun to begin a weekly what she wore post.  That and I really need an easy way to tiptoe back into blogging and showing off Brynlee is always easy.  This Cheeky Plum dress is hard to find and it’s one […]

Cleft Lip & Palate Awareness Week #CleftAware #CleftStrong

I promise I’m working on a real, actual blog post with more than a few words. I wanted to take advantage of Wordless Wednesday to join in on Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week though! As you know, Brynlee was born with Pierre Robin Sequence as well as a cleft of the soft palate. She […]

Glow Stick Party – Family Fun

Last week, the kids and I were sitting at the dining room table playing with a fresh batch of homemade play dough when out of no where, Bryson asks if we can have a glow stick party later that night.  Unsure of exactly what a “glow stick party” consisted of, I agreed anyways because we […]

A Peek into Our Week

Looking back through my Wordless Wednesday posts (that are never, ever actually wordless) made me realize how much I enjoy being able to easily scroll back through my favorite photos and catch a quick glimpse of our lives.  So I’m going to try to make it a habit to share a peek into week each […]

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday // #WW

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year for photos.  The colors are magnificent and the air has a slight chill.  The yellow, orange, red, and green of the changing leaves make for the most beautiful backgrounds so you’ll find me outside most days, camera in hand, capturing the kids as they play. I bought […]

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday

The nights are becoming too cool for shorts, but all of her jeans are too long.  I always had the problem and could only wear “short” jeans.  Since they don’t make a “short” style for two year olds, I am lovin’ these little jeggings from The Children’s Place.  I buy the majority of their clothes […]

Our First Day of Preschool

Monday was our first official day of preschool.  Because I wanted to focus on our learning time together, I only have a few photos.  It was a great first day learning about the letter L and how to let our light shine for God.  We put together puzzles and played with the lemon play dough.

Bella at Ober Gatlinburg – Smoky Mountain Family Vacation

I take my camera to the fair every year because I love the bright pops of colors on the rides.  The kids were over the moon excited to see kiddie amusement park rides at Ober Gatlinburg during our Smoky Mountain family vacation last week.  I was just as excited because I knew it meant a […]

Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga

These shots are from our visit to the Tennessee Aquarium back in January for Bella’s 2nd birthday.  Our first family visit to the TN aquarium was for Bryson’s 2nd birthday back in 2010 and now we go often and even have a family membership. The jelly fish tanks are always my favorite. They are so […]