what she wore wednesday // SweetHoney Little Girl Charlee


Playing dress-up has been mine and Brynlee’s special time since she came home. Before her I had never gotten into boutique clothing and didn’t care too much about frilly dresses. Having a child in the NICU and not being able to cloth her seemed to change that for me. For the first 20 days of her life I didn’t get to dress her. I remember how excited I was to finally put an outfit on her the day we brought her home!


Since then I’ve discovered the “closet world” of boutique clothing. When Brynlee was so sick, I would delicately dress her and that was our time together. Other than when I was dressing her, she spent most of her time lethargic and sleeping so those few minutes I spent with her putting on her clothes meant a lot.  It was my sanity, sunshine on the grayest of days.


One of my favorite brands I’ve discovered is SweetHoney Clothing.  I love the different patterns, colorful styles, and ruffles!

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sweethoney clothing charlee
dress//  SweetHoney Clothing Little Girl Charlee Remake
headband  // The Ruffled Cupcake

brynlee sweethoney charlee

what she wore // Cheeky Plum + Livy’s Pretties

brynlee, trach, pierre robin, cheeky plum, bow

Since dressing Brynlee up is one of my favorite things, I thought it would be fun to begin a weekly what she wore post.  That and I really need an easy way to tiptoe back into blogging and showing off Brynlee is always easy.  This Cheeky Plum dress is hard to find and it’s one of my absolute favorites.  When I bought it several months ago, it was gigantic on Brynlee so I have (not so) patiently been waiting for her to grow into it.  She still has plenty of room to grow so I hope she gets a lot of wear out of Evelyn.

cheeky plum evelyn dress

dress // Cheeky Plum Evelyn
bow //  Livy’s Pretties

Cleft Lip & Palate Awareness Week #CleftAware #CleftStrong

cleft palate awareness week

I promise I’m working on a real, actual blog post with more than a few words. I wanted to take advantage of Wordless Wednesday to join in on Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week though! As you know, Brynlee was born with Pierre Robin Sequence as well as a cleft of the soft palate. She is scheduled to have her cleft repair surgery at 10 months old in September. Because of her cleft, she doesn’t have suction like normal babies- think of it like a straw with a hole in it- so she cannot take normal bottles. She has a g-tube and is tube fed almost exclusively now. She did well with the Piegon Nurser (special needs bottle that works by compression not suction) but then her reflux worsened and we had to stop oral feeds. We are hoping to try again soon!

cleft palate awareness week

Here month five post is coming soon. Lots of good news to report after a difficult few months!