Living Room Renovation // From House to Home

Over the last year, our home has undergone some major renovations.  We built on a large master bedroom, added on a front porch, and opened up our main living areas.  All of these projects have been so worth the time and effort put into them.  I can’t choose a favorite.  In October we began the […]

Storage + Style for Brynlee’s Room

Over the last year I have rearranged rooms many times. Last summer, we turned Bella’s room into a playroom and roomed Bryson and Bella together with the intentions of keeping the new baby in our room before moving her in with the other two. Then when she was born with medical complications, that all flew […]

Our Play & School Room Reveal & Details

Last summer, I decided to create a playroom… then I broke my leg and ankle.  So my plans were put on hold for one year until a spurt of second trimester energy hit and I found myself, screwdriver in hand, taking apart Bella’s crib.  It was time to get this party started!  Our house is […]

Dream Big – Items that Inspire

We read “It’s a Big World, Little Pig!” over breakfast last week and it was such a fantastic book that it inspired this post.  I searched the web for some of my favorite products that inspire you to not only dream, but dream BIG.  I’ve rounded them up and hope you enjoy.  You can click […]

Fall & Halloween Finds at Kmart

We’ve spent the last couple years buying seasonal decor for the inside of our home, but this year we chose to move our efforts to the outside.  Using finds from Kmart, our home is now ready for fall- inside and out. I found these cute scarecrows at Kmart online.  They are made to hold pumpkins, […]

Halloween Decorating & Costume Shopping #KmartHalloween

I can find something to love about each season, but Fall is definitely my favorite.  Everything begins to slow down from the summer rush, the leaves begin to change colors, and the weather is perfect for sitting outside while the kids play.  The rich colors of Fall surround me and I itch to begin my […]

5 Bathroom Storage Ideas & Products

We live in a modest 3 bedroom, 1 bath home with very little storage space.  Each bedroom features one small closet and then we have a hall closet which also houses our return unit for the central heat & air.  My point?  Not much storage space at all.  This isn’t a bad thing though, because […]

28 Years in the Making – A Dining Set Makeover

When it comes to things, I’m not a sentimental person.  I think that stems from losing everything in a house fire.  It was a very eye-opening experience and I realized that it’s just stuff- even if it has a long history and a beautiful story, things don’t last forever.  Over the last few years, I’ve […]

Spring Cleaning, Decluttering, and Simplifying

One of my favorite blogs, Simple Mom, is hosting a 4 week “Project Simplify” link-up.  There are 4 different areas to tackle and you can interpret them any way you want.  I actually took part in the Spring Cleaning challenge from Simple Mom back in 2009 when we were still living with my parents.  I’m […]

Home Projects for the Summer

When we purchased our house in August of 2009, we knew it needed a lot of TLC.  Six months after we purchased it, we finally moved into it.  We remodeled the entire inside of the house- new doors, floors, sheetrock, countertops, bathtub, etc.  The cabinets are the only thing we didn’t replace.  We put all […]