If She Only Knew.

This picture was taken less than 5 minutes after I found out my dad had cancer.

One year ago this month, on May 16, 2014, my dad uttered the “C” word to me.  We had tip-toed around that word- cancer- and hoped for the best.  He had been sick and coughing for several months.  His doctor diagnosed him with allergies and told him his shortness of breath was normal.  It wasn’t […]

DIY Homemade Valentine Play Dough

DIY Homemade Valentine Play Dough

Play dough is one of my favorite things to make with my kids.  They love watching it cook, kneading it, adding the colors, etc. and enjoy that they are able to help with the entire process from beginning to end.  With February right around the corner, I decided to make a batch of homemade Valentine […]

Dear New Trach Mommy,

Brynlee Dec 16 blog

Sweet mama, I never thought I would be able to write this post.  Everything was so scary and I felt desperate.  How would I ever get the hang of this trach-baby thing when every time I thought about it, I broke out into a sweat and my eyes teared up.  It was months before I […]

on grief and excavation

Grief is not a place. You can’t just pass through. It is a journey. One that is long and filled with ups and downs. Two weeks of good can feel instantly erased by the onset of another bout of pure, desperate grief. Of missing someone so much it hurts to breathe. The world continues spinning. […]

feeding time favorites


Once you have a tube-fed baby, feeding time is something you no longer take for granted! Brynlee passed a swallow study with nectar-consistency foods back in November so we are finally able to experiment and try a variety of different foods with her. While feeding her one afternoon, I began mentally making a list of […]

Monster Jam at UTC McKenzie Arena – Chattanooga // Giveaway

Monster Jam McKenzie Arena Chattanooga

Monster Jam is coming McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga!  This is something we’ve wanted to take Bryson to see for several years now so I’m excited that we are finally able to go.  We had plans to watch Monster Jam perform last year, but when Brynlee was born with medical issues, everything got pushed back so […]

what I’m reading lately

what i'm reading

Since I received the Aspire Switch 10 for review last month, I have been doing a lot of reading.  Before the Switch 10, I had to read either on my basic Kindle which has no light so night reading on the couch while Justin watches an action movie or in bed wasn’t possible because I […]

the year of letting go & stepping out

baugh family christmas

2014 was a year of letting go. letting go of this blog. letting go of our only steady income- Justin’s job. letting go of my plans for the future. letting go of my fears. letting go of my controlling ways, beginning to accept that I am not in control. letting go of my idea of […]

How We Are Using the Aspire Switch 10

Intel 2in1

Until recently our family did not own any kind of tablet. I relied on my computer while Justin and the kids often used our smartphones.  Bryson and Bella always jumped at the chance to play with other peoples tablet since we didn’t have one at home and it had been on my “to research and […]

Brynlee // month eleven

Brynlee's First Halloween blog

eleven months, seriously!?  Next month you’ll turn ONE.  That’s crazy. Your progress these past few months has been amazing.  As your speech-language pathologist said after your swallow study last week, you’ve overcome all the odds.  As far as medically complicated trach babies with a feeding tube go, you are super healthy. You weigh 20lb 11oz […]