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Favorite Hair Products for Pink Hair

2017 was the year of change and growth.  That included major hair changes for me.  In honor of that, I’m sharing a few of my favorite hair products.  Thanks to YouTube tutorials, I learned how to fix my hair at 27 years old.  I’m totally not joking when I say that.  Pictures from before 2017 will prove it.  Early last year I had a light bulb moment.  My daughters watch make-up tutorials on YouTube so couldn’t I do the same- only with hair!?  I watched a tutorial using a curling iron and a method I’d never heard of before and it worked!  Not only did it work, but it’s easy, quick, and one year later I’m still using and loving it.

favorite hair products

In August I did something I’ve wanted to since 8th grade- dye my hair pink!  The only thing that held me back in the past was fear of what others would think.  Once I became a foster mom and my brood expanded to 6, I decided people were probably going to judge me regardless so I might as well have pink hair.  Pink was instant love for me.  7 months later, I’m still obsessed with it.  One thing I feared was the upkeep.  I read about washing your hair in cold water, not using too much heat, color fading super quick, etc. and I thought it was going to be way more complicated than it turned out to be.

Spoiler alert: I do not take cold showers.  I do blow dry and curl my hair with heat.  I get my color touched up about every 8 weeks and that is more for my gray roots than my pink.

overtone pink hair products

Favorite Hair Products | Keeping the Pink

Before leaving the salon after going pink, I asked my cosmetologist which shampoo and conditioner she recommended to keep my color longer.  She suggested Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner.  Walgreen’s was having a B2G1 sale at the time, so I picked some up and that’s what I’ve used since.  I now purchase the large bottles because it’s all I use.  I ran out once and used cheaper “regular” products and I could tell a difference in my hair almost immediately.  Pureology does not leave build-up on my hair at all.  I didn’t realize how much the other stuff did build up until I made the switch to Pureology.  I recently picked up a bottle of Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-tasking Hair Beautifer, but I haven’t used it enough to form an opinion yet.

The biggest secret I’ve found to long-lasting pink hair is Overtone Vibrant Pink Deep Treatment.  It is at the top of my list of favorite hair products for sure.  Overtone has an entire color care line for every color of the rainbow!  I purchased both the Daily Conditioner and the Deep Treatment in Vibrant Pink.  I’ve also purchased products in pastel pink, extreme pink, and vibrant teal.  I’ve found that for me, the deep treatment holds the color so much that I rarely reach for the daily conditioner.  I most likely will not repurchase the daily conditioner.

Typically I use the vibrant pink deep treatment once every other week.  It can be used weekly if you prefer.  Wearing gloves, I apply it to the pink parts of my hair before a long bath.  I then pull my hair up and let them deep treatment sit while I soak in the tub for an hour.  The container only suggest soaking your hair in the deep treatment for 10-15 minutes, but I love my routine and long baths.  It’s what works for me and I’ve had no issues.  When I’m ready to get out of the tub, I shampoo and condition with Pureology Hydrate as usual.

overtone vibrant pink hair

Favorite Heat Protection + Hair Spray

It’s not a list of favorite hair products with heat and hair sprays.  Both my favorite hot spray and hair spray are Kenra. I’ve used their medium hold hair spray for a couple years now.  I hate the feel of stiff, crispy hair and KenraPerfect Medium Spray 13 leaves my hair soft.  It holds my curls while looking and feeling natural.  It doesn’t hurt that it smells good either!  Before curling my hair, I spray each section with Kenra Hot Spray 20 to protect my hair from heat and extend the life of my curls.  I finish with an all over spray of Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13.  This combination is amazing.  I can curl my hair one day, sleep on it, and wake up with hair that still looks great.  Getting 2 days of styling out of one curling session is my favorite!

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Favorite Leave-in

The only item on my favorite hair products list that I share with my daughters (ages 7 & 4) is it’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in product.  While it works to protect from heat and seal color, we use it to detangle more than anything.   It has made a huge difference in brushing their hair.  Their hair is softer, smoother, and much easier to brush now.  I use it on my own hair after every wash as well.

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Extend the Life of Your Wash

I’m so glad dry shampoo became a thing.  I wash my hair twice a week at most.  Not only does washing less help preserve my color, but it also saves me a lot of time.  Over the last few years I’ve tried many dry shampoos and I always end up back with Batiste.  It doesn’t leave a residue and it works well.  Bastiste Dry Shampoo is also super affordable at around $5 a can so that doesn’t hurt.  I’ve tried the Original and Floral fragrance with success.

My hair routine is pretty simple so these products are all I really use.  It feels a little weird to even write this point since I only learned how to fix my hair last year, but maybe you’ll find a new favorite hair product here!  If you use a product you think I will love, please feel free to comment below.

PS| All images are from my Instagram so nothing fancy.  Just keepin’ it real!


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