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Our Family Summer To Do List for Toddlers

It can be daunting to even think about a fun filled summer with a nursing baby and a toddler.  If I’ve learned anything over the past four months, it is that everything goes better when you have a plan.  So, without further ado, here are 30 things we plan to go to, make, and do this summer.  Yes, with baby and toddler in tow!



  1. see a movie  (Cars 2)
  2. play at the park
  3. walk around the lake
  4. fishing
  5. boating
  6. petting zoo
  7. TN Aquarium (yes, again!)
  8. Potato festival
  9. Creative Discovery Museum
  10. UFO days



  1. bubbles
  2. treats: cupcakes & popsicles & rainbow pudding pops
  3. decorated shirts
  4. sidewalk chalk paint or fizzing chalk
  5. bird feeder
  6. homemade ice cream
  7. puffy bath tub paint
  8. bird treats
  9. paint flower pots
  10. moon sand



  1. pool time
  2. picnic
  3. draw outside
  4. camp out
  5. fly a kite
  6. make a sand castle
  7. catch lightning bugs
  8. watch fireworks
  9. read stories
  10. plant flowers

What is on your summer to do list?


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