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A Teaser and Something for YOU?

So, I didn’t blog today.  Did you notice?  Eh.. probably not.  You wanna know why?  Eh.. probably not.  I’m going to tell you anyways. 

I spent the ENTIRE day obsessively checking my e-mail awaiting news on a campaign.  Seriously.  It was the first thing I did this morning.  I checked it 6838922 times today.  I had finally given up.  I have NEVER wanted in on something so badly.  I felt like a lunatic for compulsively checking my e-mail and wanting and wishing..

The kids were going crazy, so I decided we ALL needed some fresh air.  On my way out the door, I refreshed my email for the billionth time.  Guess what was there?  These words:


Yep, I DID get in on the campaign.  I’m not sharing details yet, but let’s just say that there is something in it for YOU too.  Something I definitely consider BIG. 

Want a hint? 

So, stick around for a little while and see what I have planned.  You’ll also find a few hints on my Pinterest boards.

I’m going to spend tomorrow doing the things that I should have been doing today while I was refreshing my e-mail over and over and over.

So, I guess technically, I DID blog today.

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