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Spring Cleaning: Day One

I’m joining in on a Spring Cleaning Party, because it is badly needed around here! If you’d like to join, you should head over to Simple Mom. I have definitely been motivated by everyone and I think I got a pretty good start today. I am most proud of Bryson’s room and our bathroom. I didn’t get to every room (didn’t even try), but I plan to focus mainly on our master bedroom, Bryson’s room, and our bathroom. I did gather four small grocery bags of garbage and find a few things to sell. I hope this keeps me motivated to go through more of my things. I love the minimalist look, but that is hard to achieve with so much stuff, so I am challenging myself to get rid of it!

First up is the catch all table in Bryson’s room.
Everything on this table had a place, it just wasn’t in it’s place.
In the end, I switched the table completely.
I personally like this look much better!

This is the dreaded bathroom. As you can see, we have multiples of almost everything. Don’t ask me why my husband has five deodorants.

I stole some baskets from my craft room, threw some things away, and then made a “his” basket and a “her” basket. I also went through a small pantry type closet in our bathroom and threw out a ton of old prescription pills, almost empty hair styling products, old vitamins, etc.

Obviously, it’s been a while since I’ve dusted in Bry’s room.

Much better!

This was a mess! You see a bag of dirty diapers (gross, I know!), a lamp, extra bags, etc.

I took the diapers out to the trash, put the extra bags in the closet, put the lamp on the table, rearranged the books, so I no longer need that basket. I put the shade in my car, where it belongs.

Top of Bryson’s dresser needed a good dusting and things put in their place/thrown away.

See that shine?

I have more photos of other projects from today, so I will put those up tomorrow!


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