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Protect Your Family with Cutter Products

We love to spend time outside.  Bryson hops on his “green tuck” and rides around while Justin, Bella, and I sit on the porch.  Then, we all head to the backyard and Justin pushes Bryson in his swing while I push Bella in hers.  We usually do this until the sun goes down and it’s time to get cleaned up and ready for bed.

Sounds like a great ending to the day, right?  It is, until I realize that Bryson has bites all over him.  I cringe at the red spots that cover his legs.  This happened last month and I was embarrassed that I had allowed him to get so eaten up.  The folks over at Cutter kindly sent us a box packed full of their products.  They sent enough that we now keep spray (or wipes) in our vehicles, in our house, and outside.  So, no matter where we are, we have Cutter products handy to protect our kids from being attacked by mosquitos and other insects.

Cutter products

Cutter has a large product line that includes everything from sprays and candles to wipes and foggers.  There is something for every family.  No matter which repellent you choose to use, the important thing is simply to make sure you use one. 

My personal favorites are the Skinsations Ultra Light Aerosol and the Natural Insect Repellent.  We use one or the other almost every day to protect our kids and ourselves.  Unlike most other products, both of these smell decent and they do not make you sticky.  Within seconds of applying them, I couldn’t tell I had even put any on.  I loved that, because with the heat & humidity, I don’t need anything else to make me feel gross!  The natural line of products is deet free so you can be worry free when applying it.   

 We received products in exchange for this post.  No other compensation was provided and all opinions remain my own, as always.

This giveaway has now ended & the winner (xbabygurlxxx@) has been contacted directly via e-mail.

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