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You know how every once in a while you come across a store and you have to make yourself step away because you want everything?  Uncommon Goods is one of those stores.  I could spend hours browsing their huge selection of products.  No matter the recipient or the occasion, they have you covered.  Whether you a looking for unique baby gifts (like these) or maybe even silly gifts for a baby shower (like these), they’ve got something for you.  I personally love the baby fortune cookie slippers.

Lucky me!  I had the chance to pick out a couple cool gifts from cool gifts for Bryson.  I’ve mentioned before that I like to take advantage of play time and use it as learning time too.  Bryson is satisfied because we are playing and I’m happy that he’s learning.  It’s a win-win situation.


001Product Story:  A puzzle, musical toy, and sculpture all-in-one stack or rubber wood rattles, these prismatic Rainbow Sound Blocks join versatility with eco-friendly charm. Coated with non-toxic paint, each set include rectangles, cylinders, and squares filled with different-sized beads in every shade of the rainbow. Use them to teach sorting, matching, motor skills, and color differentiation. And when your toddlers are too old to make a racket, Rainbow Sound Blocks make fun and colorful decorative objects for your desk or coffee table. Made in Thailand.

I chose a set of Rainbow Sound Blocks and an ABC Animal Chart for Bryson.  I never imagined that he would like the block set as much as he does.  They don’t even have a “home” because they are always out.  He plays with them daily and I’d say they are one of his most played with toys right now.  I showed him how you can look through them and make the world a different color.  He loves to shake them, because each one makes a different sound.  He’ll take them all out then fit  them all back in different ways.  I can say with certainty that the rainbow sound blocks are super durable.  They’ve been thrown around and Bella even gnaws on them sometimes.  You can pick the Rainbow Sound Blocks up for $36.  I’m fairly certain Bryson has already had $36 worth of fun with them.

ABC Animal Chart

Product Story: Teach your baby the ABC’s of fun with this interactive wall chart which serves soft surprises in every pocket. Watch your tot’s face light up when they find a cat in “C” or a lion in “L”, and share their excitement as they learn the letters of the alphabet with names (and sounds!) of corresponding animals. Perfect for playtime and parent-child interaction. Ages 3 and up. Made in the Philippines.

The ABC Animal chart is just fabulous.  It would be so fun to design a play room or learning room around this piece.  It would even look cute in a nursery.  I like that you could buy this for a infant and it would still be in use years down the road.  I’m using this as a learning tool to help with letter recognition and animals.  The ABC Animal Chart retails for $25, which when you think about it, is less than $1 per letter/ animal.  Great price!

I cannot say enough good things about either of these products.  I would purchase them again in a heartbeat and I’ll definitely be shopping at Uncommon Goods  again!

We received these products free of charge in exchange for our honest review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions remain my own, as always.


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