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Ronnie McDowell Concert Recap & Photos

A few weeks ago, my Gangan (known as Grandmother to you all) invited my aunt, my mom, and me to a Ronnie McDowell concert.  I had never heard of him before, but it sounded like a fun girls night out and I knew it would mean a lot to my Gangan, so I agreed to go.  She was the president of his fan club many years ago and absolutely adores him.

Because I had never heard of him, I had no expectations.  It turned out to be a fabulous night!  He put a great show and is definitely an entertainer.  He has had several hit songs and has toured with some huge stars- Conway Twitty, Tammy Wynette, and Loretta Lynn just to name a few.  I have to say that for his age- he is one good lookin’ man!

ronnie mcdowell 041 ronnie mcdowell 058
ronnie mcdowell 075
Barney & me looking quite pregnant
ronnie mcdowell 069 ronnie mcdowell 085

I am so glad my Gangan invited me and that I got to spend time with the women of my family.  I actually enjoyed the show, the music, his moves, everything.  It didn’t hurt that we had such close seats.  This was also my first time to visit the Reliving the Memories Dinner Theatre.  They serve dinner and the price is included with your ticket.  It was a simple meal, but there was a ton on the plates and it was delicious.  I will definitely return!

Have you had a girls night out lately?


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  • >I haven't heard of him either, will have to see if I can find song samples on Amazon or YouTube.

    Sounds like a fun girls night out! I could really use one of those.

  • I have been to some great concerts at Reliving the memories. I do remember Ronnie McDowell- he had some terrific songs. However, when we went, he played mostly Elvis. Bill nor I are Elvis fans at all, so we were very disappointed. A couple of girlfriends and I had a night out there when Exile had a show and had a blast! That place actually started over in the old outlet plaza in one of the small buildings. Love the new building and that the food is included. Also really enjoy the fact that it is a small, up close, and personal venue. Glad you all had a good time! Also the pickin post in Ft payne does similar shows- alcohol free. Great family place! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to