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This Thing Called Life.

This thing called life sometimes gets in the way of my blogging.  Seriously, the weather has been amazing and we have been outside and busy for the past week.  I have a ton of pictures to share.

If you are my friend on Facebook, you probably know most of this, and if you aren’t, here is a recap.  We’ll start with Thursday, because I can’t remember the days before, haha.

Hubby & Bryson before the fair.

Thursday was a gorgeous day.  We visited the grandparents for a few hours and then went to the playground for a while before lunch and nap time.  I try to go to my grandparents house at least once a week.  My Mawmaw and I always sit on the back porch while Bryson plays in the yard.  She is such a lovely woman and an inspiration for me.  She raised 5 children and lost one at age 13 in a car wreck.  They have lived in a small trailer for over 30 years- the same one my dad was raised in.  Every single time I think about “needing” more space, I remind myself of her and what an amazing job she did with 5 kids in such a small amount of space.  I could seriously write an entire post on her.

Bryson on the carousel.

Thursday night, we headed to the fair.  Bryson loved it!  He was able to ride the “kiddie rides” and even rode two of them by himself.  The only problem?  He didn’t want them to stop!  As each ride slowed down, his little heart broke and his face just crumpled as he started to cry.  On one ride, he climbed into the floorboard trying to get away from his daddy.

Driving a car.

Friday I had my 24 week check up, blood work, and sonar. Miss Bella Grace was going absolutely crazy and would not sit still.  They were able to get measurements of everything BUT her heart.  She just wouldn’t chill out long enough for that.  They said everything looked great, so I’ll just have another sonar at my next appointment.  My iron has bumped up a bit from my last appointment, so I won’t have to add any supplements.  I was grateful for that, because I have been told those pills are gigantic.

When the ride ended.

Bryson’s Gangan kept him for part of the day Friday, so I had a few hours to chill out before picking him up.  When I did go pick him up, he fell asleep on the way home, so he finished his nap while Justin was still at work.  We picked up pizza and some movies and relaxed at home Friday night.  Bryson wanted to eat to badly on the way home.  He hollered for “piiiiizzza” the entire way!

We are going with the spiky hair for now, because his hair is “in-between” and would stick up on its own, haha.  I think it suits him!

I will post about Saturday later.  We decorated our yard for fall and I went with my mom, my aunt, and my Gangan to a Ronnie McDowell show that night.  Justin took Bryson to a Harvest Festival where he painted a pumpkin and enjoyed playing with other kids.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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