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Beau & Bryar at 18 Months

It’s been a little over 2 years since we got the shock of our lives.  Our surprise baby was our surprise babies- twins!  The following month, we found out that our twins were both boys.  On June 17th, they turned 18 months old.  A full year and half.  That first year was so hard.  We fostered a baby 36 days older than them for 6 months between May and December of last year.  So when the twins were 5 months old, we added baby Tripp and essentially had triplets.

Not long after he came to us, I sleep-trained the twins and life eased up drastically.  Sleep-training was a first for me, but something that was necessary for my sanity.  The twins (specifically Bryar) were almost 6 months old and still waking like newborns.  They weren’t really hungry.  They’d take a few nibbles and go back to sleep.  Bryar would lose his pacifier and play pacy-pong all through the night.  Their pediatrician had already assured me that they no longer needed those night feeds.  Finally, I gave in and went all in.  We did away with the pacifier, the swaddles, moved them to their cribs in their own rooms, and sleep-trained them all at once.  Moms on Call schedules helped a ton.  Always a go with the flow, non-scheduled mom, routines and paying attention to wake times were new for me.  And life changing.

One year later, the twins are 18 months old.  Baby Tripp reunited with his mama in December.  Still to this day, sleep-training has been extremely beneficial.  The twins have gone through spurts where they’ll wake at night, but typically they sleep through the night.  They are down to one nap each day.  Fighting naps is super rare and something I’m thankful for.  They will actually start saying “night, night” and trying to climb in their cribs when they are ready to nap.  Sure, they’ll often play and giggle before sleeping, but that is one of my favorite sounds.  We still use blackout curtains and the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine.  Those things definitely helped with our move to the new house.

Enough about sleep- let’s move on to their personalities.  They are wild.  Unbelievably active, always in to something, mischievously wild.  Beau started climbing furniture around 8 months old and was our earliest walker ever at 9 months old.  Bryar wasn’t far behind him.  They haven’t slowed down since.  Beau has already learned how to open the latch on our stair gate.  Then they both realized they could slide under the dining room gate.  They love to chase each other and anyone else around and around the kitchen island.  Jessie taught Bryar how to “pat a cake” and it’s the cutest.  Biters.  Their biting each other drives me crazy, but it has thankfully slowed down a lot over the last week or two.  A few weeks ago, they were both covered in bruises from biting one another!


Beau & Bryar’s Favorite Things

Riding their Hape wooden bikes around the house.
Going outside with their Daddy in the afternoons.
Riding the fourwheeler.
Hanging out with their oldest bubba.
Climbing anything especially the stairs.
Throwing their cups out at bedtime and laughing at me.
Dancing around the house.
Little Baby Bum and Cocomelon
Brooms and cords.  (Beau)
Playing in the dirt- my houseplants included.
Bath time with dad.
Playing peek-a-boo and pat a cake.

Favorite Foods

Cheese Sticks
Mac & Cheese

We are finally weaning them off formula.  It’s been a process due to some tummy issues that we didn’t experience with any of our other kiddos.  They are drinking vanilla almond milk right now.


Both boys say mama, dada, night night, bite bite, no no, bye bye, Bella, and bubba.
Beau says down.  He uses it interchangeably to mean both up and down.
Beau also says “yeeaahh” in the cutest voice ever.  He also will yell “me” or “mine” while fighting for something.
They are catching on to one another’s name.
Bryar definitely talks more, babbles, and often attempts to string 2-3 words together.
Bryar says “Cocomelon” and can mimic a lot of words including stop, go, and go away.

Their favorite part of every day is when their daddy get home.  As soon as he walks through the door, they start looking for the shoes and heading for the door.  They love to play outside and come in every night covered with dirt.  Their little legs are bruised and scratched constantly.  Playing in water, dancing, digging in the dirt, running around the yard, climbing everything in sight, and riding the fourwheeler are a few of their favorite things every afternoon.


I never, ever imagined that I would have twins, but I’m so thankful for them.  Raising them is both exhausting and entertaining.


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