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Truly Scary Halloween Banner

So every once in a blue moon I start to feel crafty.  I love to craft, but I just do not make time for it.  I learned this week that when I do make time for it, I am always lacking something I need.  I tried to accomplish my task with only what I had on hand.  I was lacking something somewhat important- black cardstock!  Like I said, I tried to get by without it and it made for a truly scary Halloween banner– as in… it looks like crap!  It is proudly displayed anyways.  I am going to put my shame aside and show it to the Internet.


IMG_0131 IMG_0134


In my mind, I made it for Bryson and of course, he likes it!  I made this one on my cricut and I learned a few lessons, so I thought I’d share.  You know, the whole, my loss is your gain of knowledge thing.

  • Do not attempt it if you do not have cardstock for your backer.  Regular paper bubbles up and it just doesn’t look that awesome.
  • Put your holes in the TOP and not the sides.  It is so hard to get it to stay straight, but if you thread the ribbon through the top, your letters will hang nicely with no hassle.
  • Don’t forget that you own Mod Podge.  It is a great thing and it should not be abandoned.

I am linking up with Kimba for DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land.


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