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Homeschool Plans | 2nd Grade 2016-2017

We are a few weeks into our third year of homeschooling.   I’m finally getting around to sharing our homeschool plans.  This year I have a second grader and a kindergartner… and a toddler who asks for school work daily.  Our life has drastically and thankfully settled down this year compared to the previous two.  I have a really great feeling about this school year and that isn’t something I honestly experienced during 2014 & 2015 because life was just so messy.  This feeling of contentment and acceptance that has settled into my heart is a good thing and it’s extra sweet when it comes to being home with 3 kids constantly.

Bryson | Second Grade | Homeschool Plans

Keep in mind that we do not tackle every subject daily.  Geography, history, and science are rotated.  Our writing curriculum is only 4 days per week.

Art · Pinterest Inspired Projects
Bible ·  Leading Little Ones to God
Geography ·  DK Workbooks First & Second Grade + Evan-Moor Beginning Geography
Grammar · First Language Lessons Level 2 + Language Arts & Grammar Bundle
History ·  The Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times + SOTW Activity Book
Math · Horizons Math 2 (finishing up 1)
Reading ·  All About Reading Level 3 + many books
Science ·  Evan-Moor Daily Science 2 + First Encyclopedia of Science
Spelling ·  All About Spelling Level 2
Writing ·  Writing with Ease Level 1

2nd Grade Homeschool Plans Curriculum

We will be using several resources from Teachers Pay Teachers as well.

Second Grade Morning Work from Second Story Window
Daily Calendar ·  1+1+1=1 + Confessions of a Homeschooler (we combine pages from each of these to create our daily notebook)
Math Tools
Math & Literacy No Prep Bundle

homeschool plans teachers pay teachers

Homeschool Plans | Schedule

I had our schedule all mapped out with 4 day weeks and our time off, but we’ve already blown it to bits.  We’ve schooled 5 days each week when I had only planned 4.  I am not a well scheduled person so I should just accept this about myself.  It’s easy to look at other homeschool moms with their days mapped out to the hour and think I should be like her, but that’s not who I am.  We are an extremely flexible homeschooling family.  We usually don’t even begin school until after lunch.  Every year I sit down and schedule our 150 days with the best of intentions and within days, we are not sticking to that schedule so I should quit wasting my time making it!  As long as we are schooling, learning, and covering the needed material, I am satisfied.

Overall I’m excited to jump into this second grade year with Bryson.  I’m praying for a great year filled with fun and learning.  We have a cruise planned for later this year and I hope to work in a lot more field trips than in the past.  I’d love to take a trip to the zoo, the aquarium, and the discovery museum.





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