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Children’s Book Wreath

Okay, you have probably saw this all over, but I am going to show you mine anyways.  I usually see DIY projects and think “oh, I love that!  I should make one of my own.” and then, I look around and realize I am lacking one of the supplies, etc, etc.  But this one?  I had everything needed, so it cost me nada.  Gotta love free!


I started with some cardboard.  I used a large bowl to make my circle and then cut it out with a utility knife.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you are going to cover it all up anyways.


Then, I started ripping the pages out of my book.  Pretty easy, huh?  Next, roll them from corner to corner.  I started with “fatter” rolls and did an entire layer of those.  For the top layer, I rolled my pages a lot tighter, so they are much smaller.  Just roll them up, then put a dab of hot glue to keep it in place.  I only burned three fingers during the entire process.  The layers gave the wreath more fluff and it just looks pretty.  You can do it however you like.  That’s the beauty of it.


I know a lot of people use books that only have text, but I wanted one with some photos for a bit of color.  I used a very old children’s book, as I had planned to put this in Bryson’s room.  I like it so much that it will probably end up in my living room though.


The glasses were a last minute touch.  I put the wreath up and my dad made the comment that “some glasses would look really neat in the middle” and I remembered that I had a pair of my great-grandmother’s.  They add personal touch that I love.

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  • >That is so cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's good to see another Alabama blogger. Thanks for the prayers. The shooting was devastating. All we can do now is pray for the families and make sure that nothing like that happens again!


  • >The eyeglasses are the perfect (and I do mean perfect) touch….I also like that you just used cardboard you had on hand. I've been planning on making one too and was contemplating an idea similar to yours rather than using a foam base like so many do…

  • >Hi Whitney – Cool wreath. I love the shape of it with the jagged edges. Very modern looking. You could prpbably change the center, glasses on a whim to create a totally differnt look.
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