Little Piece of Heaven on Earth – Wordless Wednesday

The weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous.  I took the kids out to play, but it was so warm that I had to run back in and change Bella’s clothes.  The long sleeves I had put on her were just too hot for such a bright, sunny day!  Seeing her in a little ruffly tank top melted my heart- she’s still so small, but growing quickly.  Too quickly.

I snapped the photo below with my iPhone and as soon as I saw it- I knew it summed up everything I love about where we live in a single photo.  Growing up, I could not wait to get out of this place, but now?  I consider it our little piece of Heaven on Earth.

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  1. That is a great photo! I love it!

  2. Looks pretty good to me too!

  3. I saw this go by on my Instagram feed and it really made me smile! What a wonderful place to live, just beautiful!

  4. That is a great picture. I think you should frame it!

  5. SO sweet :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! We’re gonna spend the day outside enjoying the weather today.

  7. I can see how it won you over! Just beautiful!

  8. Beautiful! I’m hoping to have my bit of land with cows and chickens someday.

  9. This is my favorite WW pic this week! So pretty!

  10. Very cute photo. Beautiful sky!

  11. Carolyn G says:

    Great photo. That is something to be framed

  12. WOW that is a beautiful shot!

  13. So cute!!!

  14. I love this, you need to frame it! ?

  15. Awesome photo. It does sum up all the great tings in one shot

  16. They have got the coolest car/tractor! Love the colors in your photo!

  17. That is so cute, you should frame this!

  18. beautiful

  19. Such beautiful scenery and your little ones look just as happy as can be!

  20. That is a gorgeous picture!

  21. Charity L. says:

    Beautiful sky…love the rolling clouds.
    My daughter would like the cows!
    Happy Thursday!

  22. Such a beautiful photo!

  23. Such a great picture, the weather has been gorgeous here too.

  24. Precious! I miss the “country”!

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