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I think the letters B, P, & A have crossed every mother’s mind at one point or the other.  Before I had Bryson, I had set my mind that I was going with glass bottles because I was so afraid of BPA.  After a frustrating month or so with those glass bottles, I traded them in for some plastic BPA free bottles.  I ended up switching to bottles with a vent system and I wish I had known at the time that BornFree makes vented glass bottles.  That is the best of both worlds if you ask me!


We were sent a few BornFree products to review and we immediately put the trainer cup to use.  Let me tell ya, we have gone through all kinds, all brands, you name it- we’ve tried it!  This cup is wonderful.  I always try out Bryson’s sippy cups before he does (do all moms do this?) and I was a bit worried that it would be too hard for him to suck on.  Well, he proved me wrong and had no problem at all.  We have had zero (hear that, ZERO!) leaks.  The trainer cuphas a vent system which I also love.  The handles are removable and it comes with a travel cap.  I am tempted to throw all of our other sippy cups away and invest in a few more of these.  They are absolutely 100% worth the $10!

You will find all kinds of BornFree baby products including  day & night use stage 1 pacifiers, 6+ months pacifiers, pink or blue silicone teethers, and of course BPA free bottles.

You can find BornFree products in stores or online at

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