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A new job?

My husband has been offered a job. He goes tomorrow to talk to them and we should know all the details by the end of the week. He isn’t really sure about it, but he’d never admit it. I asked him to take it, at least for now. It offers BCBS insurance for cheap and we need the insurance. So, I guess I’m just asking for some positive thoughts. I’ll be back to blogging soon!

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  • >Good luck. New jobs are scary – especially if it makes you step outside your comfort zone. Praying you’ll have peace in the decision.

  • >Good luck! Just rememeber to look at the environment, as well as the perks, not just the salary. When I interviewed with my employeer I was excited to find that people were there for more than 10yrs and that most stayed. It showed me how well they treated their employees. Till this day, I don’t regret accepting it.
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