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Learning to Roll with It – My Non-Goal for 2013

When I look back my goals for 2012, they mostly just make me want to cry.  I went into 2012 with a very bright outlook, high hopes, and some hefty goals. Most of those goals were pushed aside as we struggled to live with our new normal and to make it through each day. I hadn’t even thought about them since probably April.

There are a few accomplishments to celebrate:

  • Justin & I went on near-monthly date nights, if not monthly.
  • I started preschool at home with Bryson.
  • We read to our children daily.
  • We gave our dining room table a makeover.
  • I got my hair trimmed (finally after over two years) not once but twice.
  • I learned to use my camera even more and recently upgraded to the 60D.

Those are about the only things I can mark off my list. And that’s okay, because I survived what was the worst year of my life thus far and I have faith that 2013 will be better. 2012 seemed to be one emergency after the other. One loss after the other. Broken bones, broken hearts, and broken lives. I stumbled upon an article from Huffington Post “3 Steps to Preparing for an Emergency” and I hope that we don’t need those this year. Either way, it’s definitely information that we all need to know and that we all hope we never have to use.

For 2013, I’m not making a huge list of goals.  There are things I’d like to see happen this coming year, some things I would like to make happen, but I want to learn how to roll with the punches, as they say.  Because sometimes, you don’t have a choice.  Sometimes, life decides to sucker-punch you over and over again.  That sounds terribly depressing, but I really do just want to make this the year of letting go and of living.  I want to spend less time trying to sort out my feelings and more time enjoying my family.

It’s been quiet around here, but I will be back soon.  I’m continuing with my blog vacation after this post and will pick-up with regular posting on January 9th.  I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season and I pray that you have a happy new year!

I have partnered with Genworth Financial to bring you this post.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as always.

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