Wordless Wednesday

Our Weekend in Photos

This weekend was so much fun and we played super hard.  So hard that come Monday, I felt like I had worked all weekend long and took a recovery day.  As a stay at home mom, that means I let my kids watch too much TV and basically did nothing.  Whoops!  My in-laws came in to spend the weekend with us and we had blast out on the water.

Both of my babies rode the tube for the first time!  While they each enjoyed it, Bryson was super stoked and absolutely fearless.  As his mama, I wish he had just a little bit of fear, but there is none.  Justin rode the tube with him, then Bryson tried to ride alone, but he wasn’t heavy enough to keep the tube positioned right on take-off.  My smart hubby came up with a better plan- he got on the tube with Bryson, rode for a little while, then told him to hold on.  Justin bailed off and Bryson rode all by himself and he was beaming and giggling in pure delight.

Weekend on the River

You’ll also notice that I forgot to put sunscreen on.  I lather my kids up, reapply often, and never once thought about myself.  Even Justin thought to put sunscreen on!  Not me though.  The result?  These fabulous raccoon eyes I’ll be sporting for Lord knows how long!  It’s a good thing I can laugh at myself because otherwise I would avoid the public for a while.  Instead, I’m sharing here for everyone to see!  🙂

So that was our weekend in a nutshell.

Great company, beautiful weather, warm water, a big yellow boat, & sunshine!


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