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January’s Update – Goals for 2012

Now that January is wrapping up, I’m taking a moment to look back at my Goals for 2012.  I’m focusing on specific goals each month and hopefully come December 31st, I’ll have an almost complete list.

During January, I focused on the following:


– Complete my photo 365 project.
I did miss one day, but I’m not going to let that discourage me.  I’ll continue on.

-Read the entire Bible by December 31, 2012.
I am trying to stay a few days ahead and so far, I’m all caught up.


-Have monthly date nights.
We went out on one of our first dates in the past year.  Unfortunately, the people seated at the table directly behind us had very nasty mouths and the service was terrible.  I’m still thankful for the time spent with my husband.  We’ve already decided on a much quieter restaurant for February’s date.

-Pray for my husband daily.
This is going well, but I’d like to focus on more specific areas in the coming months.


-Begin preschool with Bryson.
Preschool is going great.  We’ve worked our way through letters A, E, and I so far.

-Plans lessons weekly.
I’ve actually planned two weeks at a time, so I’m staying ahead here.  I surprised myself by how much I actually enjoy lesson planning!

-Implement a once per week outing.
We took the kids bowling, for milkshakes, and to the playground (several times) during January.

Home & Living

-Meal plan weekly.
I stayed on track, although we didn’t actually stick to our meal plan half the time.  I wonder if that defeats the purpose?  I’m going to keep trying and hopefully become more successful.

-Shine my sink each night and clear the counters.
Yes!  This is a big one and attitude is everything.  I’ve cleaned my kitchen most nights with a joyful and thankful heart.  Most nights.  Waking up to an empty, shiny sink is the best!


-Double the amount in our savings.
We put almost double what I expected into savings this month.

-Start back using coupons.
I used a few as part of the Publix Pork campaign and printed off a few to use in the future.


Bring in steady income.
– I brought in less during January, but I have several opps lined up for February that will make up the difference.  I expect that to be fairly normal though- up and down, but always evening out.

Take on less, especially when it comes to reviews.
– I did great during the month of January, but several interesting items hit my inbox over the last week.  February is almost booked, so I’ll have to be extremely selective to keep from going overboard.

Plans for February

On top of continuing to work toward all of the goals above, I’ll also be focusing on these:

-Get dressed to shoes daily.
-Take better care of myself.
-Drink more water, working my way up to 64 ounces.

So, yes, February will be the month of focusing on myself.  A nice surprise in the form of the Shaklee Cinch starter kit landed on my doorstep yesterday.  I had planned to try the shakes, but they were kind enough to send the entire kit.  I’m actually very excited to try it and for the kick-start it will provide in what is I hope to be a year of getting healthier.

How are you doing on your goals?


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