Family Happenings Wordless Wednesday

The Gun Fight

While looking through my photos for post inspiration, I came across this series of shots from July.  They were taken with my phone so they aren’t the best quality, but the story the tell is a good one.  It all starts with a little boy who wants to be is a cowboy.  When asked a question, he’ll answer “No, cowboys don’t like that!” or “Yes, cowboys like that all the time!”

Cowboy Bryson

His attire wasn’t very cowboy-ish, but Daddy fixed him right up!

Cowboy Bryson with Toy Gun

Daddy was hit and fell on the couch.  (Very convenient, Dad.)

Cowboy Dad Down

Then, I found Cowboy Bryson had been hit in the hallway.

Cowboy Bryson Down

Cowgirl Bella couldn’t miss out on the action, so Daddy dressed her up too.

Cowboy Bryson and Cowgirl Bella

Bella checked on Bryson and then they were ready to go again.

Cowboy Bryson and Cowgirl Bella

They took the gun fight outside and Cowboy Bryson carefully thought out his plan.

Cowboy Bryson Thinking

And off they went again..

Cowboy Bryson

I was informed that Cowboys don’t like pictures.  (Duh, Mom.)

Cowboys Don't Like Pictures

I snapped away anyways.

Cute Cowboy Bryson

Cowboys may not like pictures, but Mama sure loves them
and the memories they capture!

On a side note, I am so completely blessed with a wonderful husband who is also an amazing dad.  He has kept the house and our family going this year and he still makes time to have fun with the kids and make them feel special.

*no one was hurt during the gun fight


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