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Life Lately – Welcoming Fall

I took an unexpected 5 days off from blogging last week!  Justin was pulling a lot of overtime which left me taking care of the kids during the evening.  It was a challenge, but one that I needed.  I cooked supper for the first (and second) time since my accident and I even bathed the kids two nights.  Crutches and water do. not. mix. so he has taken over bath-time.  Well, he’s actually taken over the entire house and I have a new appreciation for my husband.  Since July 14th, he has done all of the cooking, cleaning, birthday parties with the kids, etc.  He’s done it all.  And he hasn’t complained at all.

hubby shucking corn

I realize that I haven’t updated about my broken leg & ankle since I had surgery either.  Surgery went well- waking up was hands down the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life, but the pain was worth it.  When I went back to my check-up, they put me back into the boot.  At my September check-up, the Xrays showed that everything is healing right on track.  I can now put my foot on the ground and use it to walk with my crutches.  I go back in October and the Dr. said he will give me some exercises I can do at home to start working my ankle more.  He also mentioned that I might be able to stand and possibly walk in 4-6 weeks.  A full recovery will take about a year, but just being able to use my left leg and foot at all feels  like a blessing now.  I no longer have to sleep in the boot though and I can take it off some during the day.  My foot swells a lot after being used, but that could go on for years, so I’m okay with it.

Broken leg ankle recovery

We’ve spent the past few weeks gearing up for fall, so I thought I would share some of that with y’all.

Boys Hunting

Justin took Bryson dove hunting a few weeks ago.  He was so excited to dress up like his daddy and get to go with him.  When they got back, Bryson told me all about how he squatted down beside a bush to wait for the birds to fly.  They stopped at the store for some drinks and snacks on the way and Justin told me that Bryson had a long conversation with the cashier like he was a little man.  Of course, part of that conversation included this question “Do you know that you look just like your daddy?”  Bryson happily answered “Yes!”  He certainly does.

Rosie the Dog

We welcomed a new furry member to the family.  I wasn’t sure if my heart was ready, but I knew the kids were beyond ready for a new puppy.  Rosie has a special connection to our family so when Bryson asked for her, I couldn’t say no.  Rosie’s mom is Kolby’s dog, Molly.  Molly came up pregnant right around the time Kolby was killed, so I feel like she’s kind of like a final gift to my kids from Kolby.  She’s ALL puppy and she’s working her way right into our hearts.

Homecoming Parade Alabama

My parents and I took the kids to a homecoming parade for the high school I attended.  Since we went to the Christmas parade last year, Bryson has talked quite a bit about it, so when my dad mentioned the parade, we had to go.  Bryson had the great idea to carry his backpack to fill with candy and fill it he did.  It was packed by the end of the parade.  The kids were in awe and acted great at the parade!

Painting Pumpkins 2012

Over the weekend, we kicked off the fall season by painting pumpkins with my parents.  We first painted pumpkin last year and decided to make it a tradition.  My mom and Justin painted with the kids while I snapped away with the camera.  Bryson decided he wanted to do hand-prints and Bella stayed focused on her pumpkin for the longest time.  She also taste-tested the paint, as with everything else.  Justin stole the show with his pumpkin of many faces.

Pumpkins 2012

We are headed to the county fair tonight.  We’ve gone every year since before Bryson was born, so it’s a tradition too.  It should be an interesting time navigating the crowds while on crutches.  I can’t wait to see Bryson and Bella riding together this year.  Hopefully I can wrestle my camera and crutches to get a few shots of them having fun!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


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