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It’s waking up without an alarm, rolling out of bed, opening the blinds over my nightstand, and watching the chickens and goats first thing in the morning.

It’s having a list of family favorite meals.

It’s routines that make life so much smoother.

It’s tears springing to me eyes at least once daily in pure gratitude for my beautiful family.

It’s becoming a morning person after years of being a night owl. 9PM, I’m ready to lay down.

It’s watching in awe as seeds I’ve planted turn into actual plants with leaves.

It’s getting giddy over spring babies and finding joy in being surrounded by farm animals.

It’s being able to talk for hours about my houseplants and flowers and garden and greenhouse goals.

It’s watching a barn be built by my favorite guys with genuine appreciation.

It’s watching all of my kids grow up and being so proud of the humans they are now and who they are becoming.

It’s planning a birthday date day based on garden center, plant nurseries, and farm store locations.

It’s loving my body for all that’s it’s done and continues to do.

It’s accepting that my brain isn’t broken and no longer being ashamed of my mental health issues. It’s understanding that this is who I am- and who I am is who I am supposed to be.

It’s placing firm boundaries in place in many areas of my life and learning how to say “no” without guilt.

It’s a relationship with my husband that only seems to get better over the years. It’s being 100% comfortable and able to be yourself around someone without worrying about judgement.

It’s allowing myself to fall apart when I need to knowing that I always pull myself back together and move forward.

It’s the best naps.

And the best baths.

It’s knowing that we are home. Together.

It’s understanding that life is full of brokenness but broken and beauty are not mutually exclusive. We can hold both sometimes even at the same time. Same with joy and sorrow.

It’s gratitude. For where we’ve been and where we are and where we are headed.

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