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DeKalb County VFW Fall Fair 2012

I can’t remember a time that we didn’t go to the fair.  Justin and I went together all throughout our high school years and I remember going when I was big and pregnant with Bryson.  We’ve taken Bryson every year since he was born and the same goes for Bella Grace.  This year was a bit of challenge and I was anxious about going to such a big event on crutches.  The turn-out was huge this year and it was even crazier since we went on dollar night.

DeKalb County VFW Fair 2012

Bryson was very excited about the fair this year. I was excited that Bryson and Bella would be able to ride together. Their first ride was the train and when Bryson wrapped his arm around his little sister, it was too precious for words. I loved watching them and I’m so glad I decided to take my DSLR even on crutches.

Fair 2012 Train Ride

They chose the carousel for their next ride and I got one of my favorite shots of the night.  I just love this photo of Justin with both kids.  While at the fair, a perfect stranger took notice of my husband.  She commented to me “He’s an awesome dad, isn’t he?”  I filled her in on all of the birthday parties and festivals he’s taken the kids to since I’ve been hurt.  I could not ask for a better husband or father for our children.  He is definitely something special.

County Fall Fair 2012 Carousel

Bryson’s favorite part of the entire fair was the “live horses” as he called them.  This was his first time to ride a horse and he loved it.  The good news is that he didn’t cry when the rides ended this year.  He understood that we’ve on to other rides.  In the past years, he has broken our hearts when he would get so upset because the ride ended.  Bella cried when a few rides ended this year, but nothing like Bryson has done in the past.

Bryson on Horse Fall Fair 2012

Bella Pony Fall Fair 2012

My mom and dad went with us this year.  I was so thankful too because they were a huge help with the kids.  It was all I could do to carry the camera and crutch around.  By the end of the night, I was barely going and so tired.  I was very sore the next morning and it took a couple days to fully recover, but it was absolutely worth it.

Fall Fair 2012 Jeep Ride

They were adorable on this ride too.  In this photo, they both have on their serious faces but they loved it.  Half the kids on the ride were screaming and crying, but these two were laughing and having a blast.  They ended up riding it three times!

DeKalb County VFW Fall Fair 2012

We had a fantastic night.  We ran into my father-in-law who won prizes for both kids, saw a lot of folks we hadn’t saw in a while, ate fair food, and brought home candy and caramel apples as a treat.  The kids scarfed down cotton candy on the way home, as always.  It was a night full of wonderful memories and I navigated the crowd with no problems.  I couldn’t ask for more that that!


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