Hello, Baby Brynlee! Pregnancy {Week 25}

Baby Brynlee is the size of an acorn squash!

How far along:  25 weeks

Due Date: December 5, 2013

Brynlee 24 Week Ultrasound

Maternity clothes:  Yes!  Have I mentioned how much I love maternity clothes?

Sleep:   I have slept through the night twice this week.  So thankful for a full night of rest!

Best moment of this week: Seeing Brynlee and watching the kids react to her.

Miss anything: Being able to roll over easily in bed.  Not knowing what indigestion is.

Movement: Oh yes, lots of movement!  I’m feeling her all throughout the day now.

Food cravings: My absolute favorite things are queso dip and a salad from Ruby Tuesday.  We go there as often as possible!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  No, thankfully

Brynlee 6 Month Belly Shot

Have you started to show yet:   Hahahaha.

Brynlee Tums

Symptoms:  I’ve had some major indigestion for the first time in life.  I had no idea what it was, then I explained my symptoms to Justin and he laughed and told me to take some Tums.  This conversation happened over dinner at Ruby Tuesday, so we left there and headed straight to Walmart where I broke into a bottle of Tums before we made it to the check out counter.  I felt like a goofball for not knowing I was experience indigestion, haha!

Brynlee Glucose Test

Health/ Appointments:
My 24 week check-up was Tuesday.  They did an anamtomy scan on Brynlee and estimated her at 1lb 9oz.  Her heartbeat was 140.  She was moving around and had at least one hand by her face at all times.  My iron was low so they wrote me a prescription for iron supplements.  On the recommendation of other bloggers, I opted to order Floradix instead and it should be here today.  I hoping it gives me an energy boost without the side effects (constipation) of iron supplements.  I also took the glucose test, but haven’t heard anything back on it yet so I’m hoping that’s a good thing.

Gender: Girl.

Names: Brynlee Elizabeth Paula

Belly button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy.

Shopping for Baby B: I have completed Brynlee’s newborn diaper stash!  There are very few things left that I’d like to have for her but if you are curious, you can see my baby registry on  I don’t plan on having a shower or asking for gifts, I just created it so I could keep up with the things I would love to have for Brynlee and myself.

Reactions from Bryson:  Bryson is going to be a great big brother to both of his sisters.  I think he has come to terms with the fact that Brynlee is indeed a girl.  He does mention that we should have just one more kid that way it can be even, haha.  He talks about how she’s going to be born naked and he thinks that is the funniest thing ever.  I know he’s going to be my big helper when she’s born and I’m really trying to encourage him in that role.   While on vacation, we were getting wristbands and they asked how many children I had, I answered “2” and he said “No, mom!  You have THREE!” and pointed to my belly.  I explained to him that Brynlee didn’t need her own wristband just yet.

Reactions from Bella: Bella is still very excited.  She continues to talk to Brynlee throughout the day and hugs my belly often, telling Brynlee that she “loves her to the moon and back.”  At the ultrasound, Bella actually recognized Brynlee’s movements on the screen and knew her hands were moving in front of her face.  She kept saying, “Look at Brynlee!   She’s so cuuuute!”

Looking forward to: Feeling more energetic once my iron is back up where it should be.  Washing those tiny newborn clothes and getting everything ready for her arrival this winter!

It’s hard to believe I am nearing the third trimester already.  This pregnancy is flying by and while I can’t wait to meet our daughter, I’m in no hurry for it to be over.


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