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A Peek into Our Week

Looking back through my Wordless Wednesday posts (that are never, ever actually wordless) made me realize how much I enjoy being able to easily scroll back through my favorite photos and catch a quick glimpse of our lives.  So I’m going to try to make it a habit to share a peek into week each Wednesday.

I know, I know.  Halloween is long gone and people already have their Christmas trees up.  But, can I share another Halloween photo anyways?  I was browsing through my photographs and this one was begging me for a quick edit and to be shared.  This little girl is beginning to settle down a bit.  She’s still fiesty and a little fireball, but she has such a sweet and kind heart.  She loves to talk about Brynlee and give her kisses.  She wakes up every morning and crawls into bed with me if I’m not already up.  She’ll either drift back off to sleep in my bed or we’ll spend a while chatting and cuddling.  Her new thing this week is to bring her detangler spray and a hair brush and brush my hair while I’m still in bed.  She melts my heart and I cannot wait to see her with her little sister.

Spidergirl Halloween

This boy is so hard to parent right now. I’m feeling tested 24/7 and it seems like it came out of nowhere, but I know that he is probably feeling the stress of a new baby coming- another sister, at that- and he isn’t sure how to communicate his feelings.  I’m trying to cut him some slack and offer more positive attention, but he’s not making it easy.  This parenting thing is hard sometimes.  And he’s not even 5 yet.  He’s a lot like me in that he is very nervous when he isn’t sure what to expect, so I think that has a lot to do with it.  I’m hoping to spend a lot of time with him (and Bella) during the next couple weeks and hopefully ease his anxiety.

Bryson Oct

Happy Wednesday!


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