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Day Four – Giving Thanks in November

This post is part of a challenge I’ve set for myself- to blog every. single. day. during the month of November, sharing something or someone that I am thankful for each day. Feel free to join along and/or share what you are thankful for in the comments.

Our Family Halloween 2012

When you live in the country, Halloween works a little differently. We don’t have blocks- we have county roads. So instead of visiting one neighborhood and going door-to-door, we load the kids up and drive around visiting our family. This year, we stopped at my parent’s house, my mawmaw’s house, and Justin’s mawmaw’s house.

Woody & Emily the Owl - Halloween 2012

My Gangan and Aunt Brandi were both working at Halloween in the Park, so we made sure to take the kids there.  It was a great set-up for young children.  There were 10 different trick-or-treating stations all around, police officers, firetrucks & firemen, spooky displays, etc.  Bryson surprised us all when he became terrified of a monster that was on display.  It moved and our little boy who was so excited to see all of the spooky displays changed in an instant.  I felt terrible for him, because I have never saw him get scared like that.  Needless to say, we stayed far away from that monster the rest of the night.

Bella Trick-or-Treating Halloween 2012

We met up with some friends and their children at Halloween in the Park, walked around to see everything, and rode a little train.  The firemen gave each of the kids a cute little fireman helmet which I thought was a nice gesture.  The kids loved it (except the monster, of course) and were so tired by the time we left.  We still had a long ride to see Justin’s mawmaw and Bryson fell asleep on the way.  We always end at her house, because she cooks chili or vegetable soup for us every year.

Bryson as Woody from Toy Story Halloween 2012

We finally got home around 9:30PM and I think I was as tired as the kids.  Overall, it was a fantastic night.  I’m so glad that we visit family members on Halloween night.  The candy is a perk, but taking the kids to see their grandparents is definitely the sweetest part.  Today, I’m thankful for a cool Halloween evening spent with our family and friends.

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