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25 Days of Thanksgiving – Days 1 – 7

day one: so completely thankful for this man that I found at just the right time in my life. the man that I’m even more head over heels for now than I was back then. the man that is currently pulling our children around the house in a clothes basket as I listen to them giggle.  So glad I put that ring on his finger- even if it isn’t a tungsten carbide wedding ring from  His has diamonds instead!  (:

day two: thankful that most of my photos were backed up. (and if it weren’t for the 25 days of thanksgiving, I wouldn’t have realized that my photos were gone…) Today was going to be a photo of my parents, but *ahem* the photos of them have disappeared.  **My computer was hit by a trojan last week, so that’s what this post is about.  This is also your reminder to go back up your photos NOW.

day three: beyond thankful for my crazy first born. I love his HUGE personality, how he catches on to things well beyond his age, his giggle fits, the way he lines up his cars, kissing him goodnight, hearing him say “I love you, mom.” I love him completely and unconditionally and he has brought me a joy that I never imagined I could have.

day four: I could never imagine myself as mom to a daughter. Never. Then, a few weeks into my pregnancy, I just *knew* I was having a daughter. I didn’t even need an ultrasound- I was so sure. This little girl lights up my life. I look forward to building her up, showing her that she is beautiful through and through, that being a nice girl is much better than being the mean girl, that popularity isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, and that she should always stand up for herself and be strong, that there is nothing wrong with admitting weakness, and that I will always, no matter what, be here for her and love her with everything I am.

day five: this woman has pretty much dedicated the last 22+ years to me.. from spending every free hour of every day being my coach in softball, basketball, and cheerleading. If she wasn’t coaching, she was on the sidelines cheering me on. Not only me, but all of the other girls too. She could take a team of questionable talent and turn it into an undefeated season. She has supported me 100% and is now a wonderful nana my my kids. Today, I am thankful for my mama.

day six: I don’t think anyone can deny that I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and even at 22, I’m still fairly certain that he did in fact hang the moon. He’s one of the best people I know and he has a heart of gold. He’d give you the shirt off his back and that isn’t just a saying when it comes to him, it’s true. After the tornado, he was up and on the road the next morning. He had a backhoe and a chain saw and he worked until his heart couldn’t handle anymore. Then, he went back the next day and the next and so on. When Justin moved in with us, he told me “He isn’t just your boyfriend anymore. He is MY son.” and even now, that is how he introduces my husband. My best friend, my most trusted listener, my daddy.

day seven:  I’m thankful for a beautiful weekend and gorgeous weather.  Even though it’s November, the kids were able to play outside all day Saturday and Sunday while Justin & Dad finished building our new storage shed.  It was  full of sunshine, sand, swinging, Bella’s first gator ride, and family time!  Hubby cooked a big breakfast both mornings, then one night we had homemade pizza and the next night we had steaks.  So thankful for those simple laid-back & perfect weekends!

Happy Monday, y’all! 


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