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Bright Starts Cotton Tale Bouncer Review


It’s no secret that I adore baby gear.  Part of the fun is getting to shop for it, pick it out, and then finally, your little one is ready to use it.  We have a few Bright Starts products and we recently got to add another piece of baby gear to our home from their new Cotton Tale line.  Fitting that Easter just passed, huh?

Bright Starts Cotton Tale Bouncer

Product Features:

  • Removable head support with extra soft fabric for baby’s comfort
  • 7 melodies and soothing vibration with auto shut-off
  • 2 playtime toys to entertain baby
  • Cradling seat with extra soft fabrics
  • Removable toy bar for easy access to baby

We’ve had the Bright Starts Cotton Tale Bouncerfor a few weeks now and have put it to the test.  The reason I was so drawn to it is because of how comfortable it looks.  Seriously, it looks so soft and snugly that I want one for me.  As soon as I saw it, I could picture Bella cuddled up in it.  I think the design is super cute too.  Just looking at the photo, you might think it is geared toward a boy, but in person, it’s definitely gender neutral.

I’m happy to report that it is just as soft as it looks.  It’s like your favorite blanket or something.  I love that the seat cradles around Bella, so she is laying back in it and not sitting straight up.  The removable toy bar is awesome, because you don’t have to worry about bumping baby’s head while taking them out of the seat.  There is a button for vibration with only one setting.  Another button controls the music and it has two settings- one being a bit quieter than the other.  You can remove the bunny, but I’m not sure why you would other  than to wash it. Set up was easy and only took a few minutes.  Just follow the directions and you’ll have no problems.


I only have two minor complains.  #1:  I wish it was portable.  I mean, I guess you could definitely grab it up and carry it, but it would be awesome if it folded flat.  #2  While the auto shut-off for the music can be a good thing, I think it should play a little longer before turning off. 


See?  She loves it!  We had another bouncer, but it sat up too straight and she really didn’t like it that much.  She spends at least a little bit of time in this one every day.  When I looked up the price, I was floored to see that it only costs $29.99!  I expected it to be much more expensive considering how soft it is and all of the features.

You can pick the Bright Starts Cotton Tale Bouncerup in stores or online at  At $29.99, you will not be disappointed and it would make a fabulous baby shower gift!

We received the Cotton Tale Bouncer to review, but no other compensation was provided.  All opinions remain my own, as always.  Bella doesn’t fake her smiles, so you know she loved it!  (:


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