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Two posts in one month.  That may be a sign of my improved moods and overall health!  I have been sleeping for a little over a month now with no insomnia.  That is HUGE after 2 years of not being able to sleep.  Favorite Things Friday is an easy way to me to get back to something I enjoy- blogging.  I’ve only got two things today and you may think I’m crazy for the second one.  I hope to post a family update soon.  On to my newest favorite things…



Bella and I made our first trip to Aldi a few weeks ago.  I had read all about it and I’ve wanted to go for years, but it just never happened.  I. loved. it.  I love the simplicity of their business model and how it passes on the savings to the customers.  The amount of items at amazing prices packed into a small store blew my mind.  By the last aisle, my shopping cart was overflowing.  This same shopping trip usually costs over $400 at Walmart.  When the cashier at Aldi finished and I saw a total of less than $250, I could have jumped for joy!  We decided to go “all-in” for this first trip and try the brands they carry where we would usually buy name brand items.  We have not been disappointed.  In fact in many of the items, we prefer the brand at Aldi. Some of my favorite deals- eggs and buns 0.69, bread 0.85, milk $2.19, cereal $1.39, apple juice $1.49, cheese puffs (Brynlee’s favorite) for 0.99, baby carrots, pineapples, and raspberries all for 0.99.  I will definitely be making monthly trips from now on.

simplehuman trash can

simplehuman Trash Can

From saving money at Aldi to a $180 trash can- stick with me.  We have lived with a trash can where you push in on the lid to put trash inside for over 8 years.  And it worked and it was cheap but it was also constantly dirty.  I came to resent our trash can.  Like I would sit on the couch and give it the stink-eye.  It was always covered with yesterday’s yogurt or ketchup or whatever gross thing my kids smeared on the lid when they smashed their trash in what was probably an overflowing trash can.  (I do know I could take out the trash more often or… I don’t know- wash the lid every 5 minutes.) I could not handle it another second.  I’m weird though and I have to research things like trash cans for months before I can commit.  Yes, I’m completely serious.  I couldn’t find anything that fit my idea of the perfect trash can.  The electric ones sound amazing but when you read the reviews and realize that most of them quit working within a year or so, no- just no.  Since our trash can sits in what is now a large open room- living, dining, and kitchen- I wanted it to also look nice.  Yes, I’m asking a lot of a trash can.

Finally, I stumbled upon the simplehuman stainless steel rectangular step trash can and it was love at first sight.  After reading reviews and seeing the 10 year warranty, I bought it.  I have not a single regret regarding an almost $200 trash can- it is fabulous.  It is sleek and holds a ton of trash.  It’s also fingerproof and doesn’t get dirty thanks to the step.  It’s silent too which is fan-freaking-tastic because my kids are not gentle by any means.  We’ve had the simplehuman trash can for almost 2 months now and I am still obsessed.

So there you go- two of my favorite things. You can save enough money at Aldi to buy the simplehuman trash can- problem solved!

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