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Crest Rinse Test Drive Final Results

We have now used the new Crest Pro Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection mouth rinse for one month.  Seriously, could they have made that name ANY longer?  I’m thinking not!  Other than the fact that it takes me forever just to say the entire name, I really like this mouth rinse.

CPH Invigorating Clean Rinse (2)

When I started this test drive, I mentioned that there were a few things I hoped to find in this mouth rinse.  I’m going to list those again and my final thoughts about each one.

  • Fresh feeling mouth
  • Long lasting freshness
  • Less burning
  • Decent taste

Fresh feeling mouth?  Definite check.  There is no nasty aftertaste.  Your mouth just feels clean and sparkly.

Long lasting freshness?  Crest get an A++ for this.  Seriously, my husband and I have both commented on how long our mouths feel clean after using this rinse.  This is the only product I have ever tried where I can brush my teeth, sleep through the night, and wake up with a fresh mouth.  This is without a doubt my most favorite thing about Crest Pro Health Invigorating Clean mouth rinse.


Less burning?  There is definitely a burn and the first week or so, it hurt.  Maybe I’m just a wimp, but I didn’t like it at all during use.  Now?  I must be used to it, because it barely bothers me at all.

Decent taste?  Sure thing!  It tastes fine while in use and after use. 

Something I didn’t expect is that this rinse changes colors!  Before use, it’s green.  After use, it’s a kind of gray, almost black color.  When you spit, you can also see plaque that you missed while brushing.  This rinse pulls it off of your teeth and I have never experienced a mouth rinse like that before.  It’s gross actually, but hey, whatever works!

It even has it’s own place in my bathroom organizer now, haha.

Final verdict?  I’m sold.  As someone who really didn’t like mouth wash before, I’m surprised to say that I will be purchasing another bottle of the Crest Pro Health Invigorating Clean mouth rinse.  Two thumbs up, Crest!

“I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Crest and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central Consulting sent me a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”



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  • >Hmmm…the color changing thing is a little freaky. However, based on your review, I will be trying this mouthwash. I have been looking for a new kind to replace the current brand we use. I am hoping to see the same results you found. Thank you for the post.

  • >Wow! You did this for a month!?! GOOD FOR YOU! 🙂 Sounds like an interesting product…the color IS kind of gross looking but I really love Crest products, so this may be one I will have to try. Thanks for "suffering" for this revie! LOL! 🙂 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to