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Toy Testing – Early Years Grip-O-Sphere

When it comes to buying toys, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Ebeanstalk is dedicated to selecting good, safe learning toys and baby gifts. To help with their toy selection, they ask moms like me to give our input. We were sent the Early Years Grip-O-Sphere from International Playthings to test out and review.

The Grip-O-Sphere is for babies 6 months and older. It opens up and folds flat with a spinning center core that contains colorful rattle beads. This toy clicks as it moves and is easy for a baby to hold. There are different textures and raised surfaces for tactile stimulation.

Bryson enjoyed this toy. He chews on the raised bubbles, as I call them, to help bring his teeth through. The Grip-O-Sphere is an extremely tough toy. We have hardwood floors and I cannot tell you how many times this toy has met our floor. The spinning center catches his attention and he loves to hit it and watch it go round and round. He likes to open and close things (cabinet doors, for instance) and this toy is no different. He can open it, then fold it closed, all the while making it rattle and click. Because it does fold flat, you can easily slip it into your diaper bag and take it on the go. Overall, this is a well made learning toy that has held up to my rowdy boy.

Thanks to ebeanstalk and International Playthings for this review opportunity.

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