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Smart Mom Jewelry Review

Smart Mom Jewelry was started in 2002 as a way to promote pretty and practical ideas for real moms. Their first product line, Teething Bling pendants and bangles, has become enormously successful. Teething Bling products are made of the highest-quality, phthalate-free, federally approved silicone. The silicone is non-toxic, latex-free, food–safe, even dishwasher-friendly!

Ever noticed how infants automatically go for that shiny piece dangling around your neck? Ever had a necklace broken by a sweet, innocent baby? For me, the answer to both question is yes. I had all but given up wearing necklaces around Bryson. Thanks to Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry, I can now wear a necklace without the worry!

I was sent the Jade Donut Shaped Pendant you see above to try out with Bryson. It only took a few seconds and he was gnawing away at it. I think part of the interest for Bryson is that he think it’s something he isn’t supposed to have, therefore he wants it even more. I have worn it daily since receiving it and he absolutely loves it. I’ll put it on and he instantly goes for it. When we are out shopping, I always take a few toys. Now, when he gets tired of them or wants something he can really dig those two little teeth into, I always have something new for him. The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about it. Just slip it around your neck and you are set to go. He is trying to cut his top teeth and this definitely satisfies him as well as anything could satisfy a teething baby.

Teething Bling is available in donut and heart shaped pendants, coordinating bangles, and key chains. Gift sets are also available. You will find a wide array of styles, colors, and patterns at the Smart Mom Jewelry online store. If you are buying for a momma-to-be and aren’t sure which product or style she’d like, pick up a gift card.

There is an amazing deal going on throughout the month of August at Smart Mom Jewelry. August’s birthstone – PERIDOT – is 50% off. Pendants, regularly $19.10 are only $9.50. Bangles, regularly $12.75 are only $6.30. Order now- while supplies last!

Thank you to Smart Mom Jewelry for this review opportunity.


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  • >That's really cute! You wouldn't guess it was teething jewelry to look at it. This would be a great item to include in a gift basket for moms-to-be.

  • >What an awesome idea! My babies were always reaching for my necklaces and wanting to chew on them. Thanks for sharing!

  • >These are so cute! You know they're going to chew on your jewelry anyway, so why not wear something that can stand up to whatever baby dishes out. Thanks for the tip about the sale!

  • >What an awesome idea!!! I've NEVER heard of those, but how cute & so praticl!!! It's so true what you said about Bryson … part of the appeal is that they're not SUPPOSED to have it! August is the birthstone of both my little ones, so I'm headed there now!!! Thanks for info! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to