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Do You Have a Plan?

If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that as much as I want to believe I’m in control of this life- the truth is, I’m not.  There is only so much that I can control and the rest is out of my hands.  This year has really opened my eyes and forced me to think about things that no one wants to think about.  When you lose someone at 16 years old, you realize that anything can happen.

Since losing Kolby, Justin and I have had quite a few talks about the “what ifs” that can come our way. We all like to think “It won’t happen to us.” but it can. This year taught us that.  We’ve talked about death and burial plans.  We’ve schooled ourselves in Life Insurance 101.  I don’t think there is any way to be prepared and ready for the worst, but I feel better knowing that we have talked about our plans, what we want, etc.

If you’ve never talked about these things (life insurance, burial plans, etc.) with your spouse or a close family member, I highly encourage you too. The night that Kolby died, I watched as his heartbroken mama tried to decide which funeral home should come pick up her only son. I watched her, overwhelmed and grief-stricken, have to make those unimaginable choices. It’s something no mother should ever have to do, but it happens.

From that moment, I knew that I wanted Justin and I to have a plan- if only an outline- of what we would do if our lives were torn apart like that. I wanted to have our plan written down, so we wouldn’t have to think or force ourselves to make decisions during the worst.  I’ll be honest- there is nothing fun about sitting down and making a plan for an untimely death.  Nothing.  But knowing that plan is in place?  It provides a small sense of security, just in case.

So, I’m curious- do you have a plan? Have you talked with someone about your wishes if the worst happened?

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