Saving Money

He won’t go hungry!

Thursday, Bryson and I headed out for our bargain hunting fun. As I’ve mentioned before, this is probably my favorite day of the week. I just love watching the sparkle in his eye as his finds something new to touch. He is so intrigued by the different colors we come across. This week turned out to be more about Bryson that finding this to resell. That’s fine with me, because we got some awesome deals!

34 oz Similac Advance Formula

I know you are probably thinking “you bought forumla?” Why yes, indeed I did. I paid $8.29 for 34oz. I bought all they had, which was 6 tubs. At a retail value of $40 per tub, I saved $190.26! I checked the seals and the expiration dates. The seals were intact and these don’t expire until 2010.

I also bought a few cans of Enfamil that is specially made for premies and babies born with a low birth weight. I plan to list those on e-bay, because I don’t know anyone around here that could use it. I couldn’t pass it up though.

I found a new in box Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair for $10! This chair is listed on Amazon for $249, so I had a savings of $239 on this one item. I haven’t put it together yet, as I’m going to wait until we move in our new house.

A gently used Bumbo seat in the box for $5. We paid $40 for Bryson’s Bumbo, so savings of $35 on this. I have it listed on e-bay, so hopefully it will sell.

A gently used JJ Cole Bundle Me like the one picture above for $3. This exact one is listed on Amazon for $33.47, so a savings of $30.47. I also picked up a Khaki one a few weeks ago. I plan to list one of them on e-bay in the fall.

Picked up two of these cute Crane Dragon humidifiers. New in the box for $8 each. Regularly $40 each, so a savings of $64 here. They are both listed on e-bay. I bought one a few weeks ago and it sold, so I picked up the rest.
I also bought a ton of cloth napkins for $0.25 a piece and a four placemats at $0.50 a piece. I ended up with a fall set and a summer set. I picked up more contempary style shelves for $5 a piece, both new in box. My entire is house is going to be decorated from Good Will. Bryson got a wooden train set that is adorable for $5. It is put away for either his birthday or Christmas, as he’s too young to play with it now. He got a few pair of pants, shorts, and one tee. I found a few new in box Dwell Studio outfits, so I picked those up to either keep as gifts or put on e-bay.
Check back tomorrow for more photos of the most adorable rocking truck & baby ever. If you can’t wait, you can take a look HERE.
Here is my Top Ten Finds for the week.

  1. Formula


  • Stokke Tripp Trapp



  • JJ Cole Bundle Me



  • Rocking Truck



  • Pottery Barn Kid’s Chair Cover



  • Bumbo Seat



  • Shelves



  • Cloth Napkins & Placemats



  • Crane Humidifiers



  • Clothing for Baby



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