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Realizing I was pregnant was a shock.  Finding out there were two babies was mind-blowing.  I cannot even begin to explain the shock and anxiety I felt the first month after seeing two bouncing babies at my 11 week ultrasound.  3 months later, I am finally beginning to relax.  By relax, I mean that I’m not constantly riddled with anxiety.  Instead I am optimistically preparing to welcome twin boys before Christmas.  Thanks to freezer cooking sessions, I’ll have one less thing to worry about when the boys make their arrival.

One way that I’m preparing for the twins is by preparing meals ahead of time.  I spent a few hours one weekend putting together meals for the freezer.  My focus was on ground beef the first weekend.  Before Brynlee was born, freezer cooking was a fairly typical occurrence in our home but it hasn’t happened since.  I brought out some of our old favorites as well as some new recipes.  My Preparing for Bryar and Beau Pinterest board is home to all of the recipes I want to try.

freezer cooking PREPARING FOR TWINS

Freezer Cooking Results | Session 1

Click on each photo to be taken directly to the recipe.

freezer cooking burritos15 breakfast burritos from Live Simply | I used hot sausage to give these a little kick.

freezer cooking meatballs63 BBQ comfort meatballs from The Pioneer Woman | This has been a favorite for years!  I add diced onion and bell pepper to the meatball mixture and double the recipe.  We call these meatloaf meatballs.

freezer cooking sloppy joesSloppy Joes from Moms with Crock Pots | I cook this on the stove top then toss it in the freezer.

freezer cooking beef burritos16 Brown Bag Burritos from Money Saving Mom | Some of these were eaten right away!

freezer cooking meatloafsCheeseburger Meatloaf from Money Saving Mom  |  I doubled this recipe and made 2 meatloafs.

Pioneer Woman’s Baked Ziti x3  |  I started with about 5lbs of beef and 2lbs of Italian sausage.  Between baked ziti and lasagna, I ended up with 4 meals to feed our large family.

Taco Soup via Once a Month Meals  |  Quick, easy, & a hit with everyone!

Ranch Cheddar Burgers from Once a Month Meals  |  Super easy to throw together!

Slow Cooker Chili from All Recipes  |  I skipped the celery on this one but otherwise followed the recipe.

Creamy Lasagna without Ricotta from Grace and Good Eats  |  My kids aren’t crazy about lasagna, but I’m hoping this recipe without ricotta brings them around.

Money Saving Mom’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins  |  I made this recipe regularly years ago, but everyone had forgotten about it.  My kids turned their noses up at the idea of pumpkin in a muffin then absolutely loved these!  This made 24 muffins.

My goal is to have around 30 meals in the freezer before the boys arrive.  As it stands, I’m about half-way there.  Between take-out, Justin’s cooking, low-prep quick meals, and the prepared freezer meals, I’m hoping to avoid most cooking for about 8 weeks in order to fully focus on becoming a mom of twins and nursing.  In addition to my cooking sessions, I’m also squeezing in extra meals here and there for the freezer.  Today I cooked chicken breasts in my Instant Pot, shredded it with my KitchenAid mixer, then cooked up a chicken pot pie for tonight.  I doubled the recipe and will add the others to our freezer.  I still had several cups of cooked chicken so I threw together a few chicken, broccoli, and rice casseroles to freeze as well.  My next freezer cooking session will focus mainly on chicken based meals.

If you have any favorite make ahead freezer meals, I’d love for you to share your recipes!

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