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A Peek at Our Master Bedroom

Last spring we began what would be our largest and longest project- building a master bedroom from the ground up. Please assume that when I write “we” I mostly mean Justin.  I haven’t shared any of the details here but the entire process is documented on my Instagram account.  I finally created a hashtag for all of our home adventures so you can search #BaughFamRenovation to see our many projects.  Since 2014 we’ve added on a playroom, built a master bedroom, tore out a wall creating one large main room, added on a large front porch, installed all new windows, and resided the entire house.  I wish I had been blogging regularly throughout it all so it would be documented here but alas, I wasn’t blogging and Instagram is my documentation.

Here are a few photos that were taken as we were preparing the room to move into.  The building- and waiting on trusses and windows took the longest.  Once we had walls and a roof, things began moving quickly.  I chose Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue and Simply White for our colors and one year later, I still love them as much as I did on day one.
master bedroom colors master bedroom colors

These photos were taken with my iPhone. I hope to bring out my Canon sometime soon and take better photos so I can post with details. Designing this room and shopping for it was the most exciting part for me. It was amazing to see my vision come to life!  I loved picking out each piece for our gallery wall.  I bought pieces from several different makers specifically for this wall and they all pulled together beautifully.


master bedroom gallery wall

For the most part, this room has stayed the same since we finished it and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.  I still love everything about it- except for that pile of laundry I can’t seem to keep off the vintage couch I bought for our master bedroom.  I could do without that.

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