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Playing dress-up has been mine and Brynlee’s special time since she came home. Before her I had never gotten into boutique clothing and didn’t care too much about frilly dresses. Having a child in the NICU and not being able to cloth her seemed to change that for me. For the first 20 days of her life I didn’t get to dress her. I remember how excited I was to finally put an outfit on her the day we brought her home!


Since then I’ve discovered the “closet world” of boutique clothing. When Brynlee was so sick, I would delicately dress her and that was our time together. Other than when I was dressing her, she spent most of her time lethargic and sleeping so those few minutes I spent with her putting on her clothes meant a lot.  It was my sanity, sunshine on the grayest of days.


One of my favorite brands I’ve discovered is SweetHoney Clothing.  I love the different patterns, colorful styles, and ruffles!

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dress//  SweetHoney Clothing Little Girl Charlee Remake
headband  // The Ruffled Cupcake

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