FurReal Friends Daisy Plays with Me Kitty Review {Holiday Gift Guide}

FurReal Friends are on all of the hot toy lists this year.  The hardest part is deciding which FurReal Friends to add to your family.  Bryson and Bella are always asking for a kitten, so Daisy Play with Me Kitty will be joining our family thanks to the folks at Hasbro.


During a trip to Walmart several weeks ago, I decided to browse the toy aisles with the kids in tow.  Fortunately, they rarely ask for anything and are usually totally okay when the answer is “no” or “maybe later.”  I know, shocker right?  Our reason for the toy aisle trip was simple- I wanted to see which toys caught their eyes, what they were most interested in, and gather a few ideas for Christmas.  Bryson is a simple kind of guy.  Give him a new LEGO set or anything train related and he’s good.

Furreal Daisy Play with Me Kitty

Bella, on the other hand, is harder to buy for because she’s a busy little bee and most toys do not hold her attention. When she walked by the FurReal Friends, Daisy Play-With-Me-Kitty instantly caught her attention. Bella sat down in the floor at Walmart and played with Daisy until it was time for us to move on and grab some groceries. Since she is difficult to buy for, I was excited to have an idea to add to her gift list.

FurReal Daisy Kitty Review

Daisy Plays with Me Kitty comes with Daisy (of course!), her toy, and a pet care guide.  She responds to you and has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.  She can pounce, jump, wiggle her paws, and make kitty sounds.  When she meows, she sounds like a real cat.  I took her to my parent’s house (hiding her until Christmas) and when I walked in, she started meowing and my dad thought I had a real cat. She senses movement and changes in light and responds by making noises or moving around.  Daisy Plays with Me Kitty is soft and cuddly like a real kitty.  Press her paw to hear a kitty melody, pet her forehead, wave her toy in front of her, or press her back and watch her respond.  When playtime is over, she’ll cuddle up in your lap and knead her paws just like a real cat.

FurReal Friends Daisy Plays with Me Kitty

FurReal Friends Daisy Plays with Me Kitty is available at  She’s currently on sale for $34.05!


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  • I can’t wait for her to get this. I want to play with it. This is the cutest thing I have seen in a while. I was in walmart for a quick trip for paint for the Christmas float and I walked by this sweet thing and it was talking to me I had to turn around and go back.My friend reminded me that we was in a hurry. But I will get to play with Bella’s.

  • So cute! This is on my daughter Christmas list this year, she loves cats but since we can have a real one I think she’d love this!

  • Love this, “I took her to my parent’s house (hiding her until Christmas) and when I walked in, she started meowing and my dad thought I had a real cat.” I’m the voice actor behind several of the Furreal Friends toys including Daisy & also, Cuddles the Monkey : ) I’m so glad folks are loving these special toys!!

  • How adorable! This looks great for my niece who loves animals but isn’t quite ready for the responsibility of a real pet.

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