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Britannica touchTAB – Hours of Interactive Learning

We received the Britannica touchTAB for our review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as always.

Bryson is full of questions lately.  Questions about the moon and the sun, volcanoes, and how things work.  Questions that I usually don’t know the answer to right off the top of my head.  Sometimes, he shoots random facts at us.  Like Halloween night while we were out trick-or-treating, he said “You know, Jupiter is the biggest planet!”  He is very interested in how things work and science right now.  And dinosaurs.  Definitely those.

Britannica touchTab for kids Review

Since I don’t have all the answers, I love introducing new ways for him to learn.  With the Britannica touchTAB, we are learning together.  True to the Encyclopedia Britannica name, the new touchTAB is all about education.  Not only does it encourage children to learn about the world, it also helps them develop basic computer skills.  It’s large size is perfect for small hands and it’s suggested for children ages 5 & up.

Britannica touchTab Review

The Britannica touchTAB features 3 modes of play and over 600 phrases and questions. It comes with a content pack that teaches about mammals. Other content packs are sold separately and include Exploring Space, Incredible Earth, Amazing Ocean Life, and Days of the Dinosaur. Each content pack includes 3 cartridges! We also received the Incredible Earth pack which is right up Bryson’s alley since he loves learning about natural disasters like volcanoes.

Britannica touchTab Learning Britannica touchTab

The entire system is very kid friendly and simple enough for Bryson to work on his own without my help. The cartridges slide in and out easily so he can switch them up as often as he likes. The buttons on the content packs are also easy enough that Bella can work them too. The system is lightweight which makes it perfect for on the go learning as well.

You can purchase the Britannica touchTAB at for $39.99.  Additional content packs retail for $14.99 and can also be found at


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