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Stride Rite Styles Fit for an Active Princess

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Stride Rite. I received products to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.

Stride Rite is one of my favorite brands.  I’m not picky when it comes to my children’s clothing, but I am very particular with their footwear which is why I love the Stride Rite brand so much.  Bryson and Bella both received their first pair of shoes when they started walking.  Bryson’s feet were so wide and chubby that I knew he would need a wide-width shoe so I took him into a Stride Rite store where they sized him and we left with his very first pair of shoes!  That was almost 4 years ago and Stride Rite has been my go-to brand for shoes since.

Stride Rite Disney Ariel Shoes

Since then, we’ve learned that both Bryson and Bella have very flat feet that always require that they wear supportive footwear and it will be especially important as they grow. I love that Stride Rite shoes offer the support that they need as well as fun designs that are comfortable.  They’ve recently put together a great selection of themed shoes that will complete any Halloween costume with some of the hottest characters-  Spider-Man, Captain America, Star Wars, Disney Princess and Minnie Mouse.

Stride Rite Disney Princess Shoes

Bella is so excited about her new Disney Wish Lights Ariel shoes that sparkle and shine. She calls them her “princess” shoes and she’s worn them to church and through the mud & dirt already. Her current favorite word is “AWESOME!” and I’ve heard that countless times with her talking about these new shoes.  She’s paired them with her pretty pink princess costume and will wear them Halloween night with her Spidergirl costume.  The flashing lights are perfect for Halloween night when we’ll be walking around local parks after the sun goes down.  The lights are fun for her and wonderful because I know they’ll make her that much more visible.  You can’t miss sparkling, flashing shoes!

Stride Rite Ariel Shoes

Online Stride Rite Sizing Help

I’ve been a Stride Rite shopper for several years now, but we don’t have a local store so I usually order online.  When I was asked to participate in this campaign, they encouraged me to use the downloadable Stride Rite sizing chart which you can find in the upper right hand on the Stride Rite site.  Click where it says “sizing help.”  I had never used it before, but Bryson and Bella have both been growing like weeds lately so I could only guess at their shoe size.  I downloaded the chart, printed it off, measured their feet, and entered their measurements to find that my guess for their sizes would have been so off, y’all.  I guessed that Bella would need around a size 8.  After measuring her, I learned that she needed a size 9.5!!  I thought there was no way that could be right, but trusted the sizing chart and ordered a size 9.5 for her.  The shoes arrived and guess what?  Perfect fit!  Even if you think you know your child’s correct shoe size, it will only take a few minutes to print the sizing chart and take a proper measurement- do it.

 Stride Rite Shoes

One last thing I love about her new Disney Wish Lights Ariel shoes:  She can take them on and off completely by herself.  At 34 weeks pregnant, I’m wearing flip-flops to keep from bending over and putting on my shoes, so I’m probably a little too excited that she can put her own shoes on which saves me from bending over and doing it which requires quite a bit of effort on my part right now.  She thinks it’s “AWESOME!” too and enjoys being independent.

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