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Spiderman Costumes for Bryson

The Spiderman costume featured in this post was provided for our review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

For some unknown reason, Bryson decided on Spiderman for his Halloween costume this year. I have absolutely no idea why and I’m not sure that he’s ever even watched Spideman. But, that’s what he chose and who am I to argue!? I’m just glad he made a decision and stuck to it. Bella, on the other hand, changes her mind hourly. I thought she was set on Sofia the First, but I was wrong. I’ve heard everything from a mouse to a mermaid. When Bryson put on his Spiderman costume, Bella’s eyes lit up and I knew. She had mentioned being a “Super Hero Girl” more than once and I can only imagine the cuteness as we walk through the park Halloween night with our Spiderman and our Spidergirl.

Spiderman Costume Halloween

The folks at Halloween Adventure, a new sister site to Costume Discounters, were kind enough to send us a Spiderman costume for Bryson. Having worked with several of their costume stores over the last 2+ years, you could say that I’m a fan.  We’ve been pleased with all of our costumes and Spiderman is no different.  It’s a simple two piece set- the full body jumpsuit with a muscle torso and the overhead mask.  The fit is very similar to Bryson’s Woody costume and both the jumpsuit and mask feature Velcro closure in the back.  The Spiderman costume by Disguise runs true to size.  Bryson is wearing a size small and the sleeves are just a tad too long, not enough to bother him or me.  He regularly wears a 5 or 5T so that’s to be expected.

Spiderman Halloween Costume

Bryson helped me shop online at to pick out his Spiderman costume.  I attempted to talk him into a different style without the full face mask, but he insisted that this is the one for him.  I think it’s the muscles?  Must be a man thing!  He wanted to make sure he picked a costume that was darker and this one with it’s navy and dark red works perfectly.  He was super excited when I showed it to him, but it was bedtime, so he had to wait until morning to try it on.

Spideman Costume

Spiderman Costume

These photos are the result of waiting until morning.  He had been up less than an hour when he remember and asked me to help him get dressed in his new Spiderman costume so he could go outside to play.  His costume is called the “Children’s Muscle Spiderman Movie Classic Costume” and retails for $32.99.  You can find it at  Connect with Halloween Adventure on Facebook and Twitter to find the latest deals and coupons as well as the newest costumes.

Spiderman Costume Classic

One last shot of Bryson flexing and showing me those muscles! He was so proud of his new Spiderman costume that he didn’t mind me taking photos of him in it.

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