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Snugli Infant Car Seat Review

The Snugli Car Seat featured in this post was provided for our review. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.  I am a certified child passenger safety technician, but this review can not and will not take the place of your manual.  Always, always read through your manual before installing any car seat.

Snugli Car Seat Review Infant

Until recently, I had no idea Snugli car seats even existed but it shouldn’t come as a surprise since they are closely related to Evenflo.  Since receiving this seat, I’ve noticed similar car seats in stores with the Evenflo name.  This Snugli Car Seat is rated for infants as low as 4lbs and maxes out at 35lbs.  The set comes with the Snugli car seat, head pillow, padded seat insert, infant base, and Snugli stroller adapter.    The majority of the seat is black which is something to think about if you live in a hot climate and plan to leave your seat on the vehicle. It is lightweight (25% lighter than other comparable seats) and easy to carry.

snugli car seat infant baby

The Snugli car seat can be installed with or without the base and offers an easy access up-front harness adjustment.  The seat release is also easy to use and can be found on the back of the seat.  It also features a large removable canopy that attaches to the back of the seat and then slides in on the side.  The canopy is a bit frustrating to open and close as you have to grab down on each side and move it.  It’s isn’t as simple as giving it a light push like other seats I’ve used.

Snugli Car Seat Details

On the Snugli Car Seat base, you’ll find a 3 position adjustable recline to help you achieve the correct angle for your baby.  You’ll also see a level indicator which lets you know when you’ve found the right recline and angle.  The indicator must show 100% green.  The LATCH connectors are easily stored on the base and offer an easy install.  If you have issues achieving a secure install (less than 1 inch of movement at the belt path), double check to make sure you have the adjustable recline where it needs to be for your child.  The base can be installed with LATCH or the vehicle belt.

Snugli Car Seat Install

Snugli Car Seat Installation

Installing the base with LATCH connectors provided the most secure install for me.  Once I had the recline adjustment where I needed it, I was able to achieve a solid install with less than 1 inch of movement and the correct angle.  I attempted to install the base with the vehicle belt, but could not get a solid install.  This seat does require a locking clip if you are using a lap/ shoulder belt install without the base.  That’s something to keep in mind when purchasing a seat as it is an extra step and if you don’t know how to use a locking clip, I highly recommend finding a certified tech in your area to show you how.

Snugli Car Seat Install Base

This Snugli Carseat is priced at $149.99 and available at In my opinion, the price is a bit steep since you can purchase other infant seats for the same price or less with more bells and whistles that offer easier installation.  Ease of installation is super important to me because the easier a carseat is to install, the more likely the seat will be installed properly.  I’d love to see an integrated vehicle belt lockoff added and an improved canopy on the Snugli Car Seat.  Extra style sets (padded seat insert and head support) are available at a retail price of $49.99 per set.  Overall, this Snugli Car Seat has a lot of room for improvement.  That said, all seats on the market pass the same testing and if you are looking for a very basic, lightweight seat, this might be one to check out.


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