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Learn, Play, & Build with BionicBlox Educational Toy

The BionicBlox featured in this post were provided for our review and we were compensated for our time.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as always.

It’s easy to overload our children with electronics, gadgets, and interactive gear.  Too easy.  I’m totally guilty of using those items as a babysitter while I work or grab a moment of peace.  While those items have a time and place and I’m the first to say that I love technology, I’m calling for a tech timeout and returning to quality educational toys like BionicBlox.  We were so excited to add the BionicBlox 100 piece Visionary Kit to our line-up of fun building toys.


BionicBlox Educational Toy


Build, Learn, & Play with BionicBlox

As soon as our BionicBlox set arrived, I dumped the bag out into the floor and told Bryson and Bella to check it out.  Bryson immediately started building letters.  I watched as he built letters like L, T, X, and H then moved onto building shapes.  Since then, I’ve watched his imagination take flight as he built tree houses, swings, and mazes.  Bella will soon be three and she loves getting involved too.  She built a rocket-ship and completed it with her own rocket-ship sound effects.

Building Letters with BionicBlox

I love the look of concentration on Bryson’s face as he works to build his creations.  The BionicStar connectors are sometimes challenging for him to push the wooden beams into so he has to really focus on what he’s doing.  Rarely, he’ll ask for my help, but most often, he figures it out himself.

BionicBlox Preschool Play

BionicBlox Stay Together!

Do you know what I completely love about the BionicBlox sets?  You don’t have to worry about your masterpieces falling apart.  I cannot tell you how many times Justin and I have both helped Bryson with some magnificent creation using other building sets only to see it dropped and broken up.  That doesn’t happen with BionicBlox.  The BionicStar connectors ensure that your buildings will not come apart until you are ready to take them apart.  Preschoolers are clumsy little people and my kids will knock something over ten times while trying to build it.  BionicBlox stay together.  That saves us all some frustration.

BionicBlox Educational Toy Preschool

BionicBlox Benefits

  • With 75 wood foundation beams and 26 BionicStar connectors included in the Visionary Kit, kids can build large masterpieces.
  • The reusable product tote bag makes the set portable.  Take BionicBlox outside or on the go for added adventure & fun!
  • Encourages imagination and creativity in little builders.
  • Encourages cooperation and collaborative building among kids.
  • Stable and durable for even the littlest and clumsiest creators.  No worrying about an accidental collapse!
  • Because BionicBlox can be used from ages 3 & up, you get a lot of bang for your buck.
  • BionicBlox are made in the USA.

BionicBlox Discount

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