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Joovy Room Review – All in One Playard {Baby Gift Guide}

This Joovy Room review is a partnered post.  Thanks to the folks at Joovy for providing the playard.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as always.

Like both Bryson and Bella, Brynlee will spend the first few months of her life rooming with mom and dad.  It’s just more convenient while nursing at all hours of the night to have baby close by instead of in a separate room.  So far, we have not had sleepers.  In fact, Bryson and Bella rarely slept and I questioned how experts came to the conclusion that newborns slept a lot.  While I’m hoping Brynlee sleeps more than her siblings, I’m fully prepared for those late nights and early mornings again.  (As prepared as one can be, I should say.)  Since we aren’t putting together a full nursery, the Joovy Room is a must!

Joovy Room Review

The Joovy Room is an all in one playard that offers everything you need in one compact design.  It’s fantastic features like the massive storage compartment that will hold up to 9lbs sets it apart from other pack and play type products.  Show here in the orangie color, the Joovy Room has a sleek design perfect for any room in the house or on the go.  One thing that I love about is that it grows with your child.  When you have a tiny newborn, you can use the bassinet (up to 15lbs) and when baby is older, it’s simple to remove the bassinet attachment and continue using the Joovy Room.  All of the different attachments can be used together or separately so you have use the storage and changing table with or without the bassinet.


Joovy Room Playard Features

One of my favorite features is the night light.  While it seems simple, Justin & I had several middle of the night arguments over lights being on when Bryson was a baby.  I would turn a (what I thought to be) dim lamp on and it would wake him up.  Since he often had to be at work before the sun rose in the morning, that did not make him a happy camper.  I love the tiny night light on the Joovy Room because I know that I can turn it on in the middle of the night for diaper changes without waking Justin.  The MP3 connection will see plenty of use during the day, I’m sure, and while outside with the bigger kids.  It comes ready with 1 lullaby and 6 songs that I’m sure we’ll listen to over and over.  I have a lot of plans for the Joovy Room!

Joovy Room Storage

The storage attachment cannot be overlooked.  Since Brynlee won’t have a nursery, I plan to store her cloth diapers, wipes, and receiving blankets in the storage area. The 9 storage compartments will hold an impressive 9lbs so I can keep everything I frequently need right in the Joovy Room.  In addition to the storage attachment, the changing table also offers 4 pockets that will easily store burp cloths, rash cream, and small items.

Joovy Room Changing Table, Bassinet, Pockets

The Joovy Room comes with a 100% cotton sheet that will work with the playard and bassinet.  I love that the sheet is included, because I’ve found that it’s is usually sold separately with other brands.  The changing table has a vinyl top so it’s easily cleaned and there is no need for an extra cover.  It will support a baby up to 25lbs.  The included mattress is thick and cushioned, perfect for keeping baby comfortable.

Joovy Room Playard

Buy the Joovy Room!

You can purchase the Joovy Room online at the Joovy website ($269.99) or ($239.99).  With so many fabulous features, the elegant and clean design, and the amount of time the Joovy Room can be used, it is well worth the money!  The Joovy Room is without a doubt a definitely baby gift guide pick!

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