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Making Memories – #DiscoverBoating

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We spent Father’s Day out on the water with my family.  Justin, the kids, and I enjoyed our first outing on the boat this summer.  We’ve had a busy summer so between the weather and just every day life, we haven’t made it to the river as often as we’d like.  Father’s Day was the perfect opportunity to celebrate Justin and my dad with a little downtime and fun.  The weather cooperated enough for us to spend a couple hours out on the boat and then it started raining again.

Kids Boating

Both Bryson and Bella love playing Captain, so they take turns acting like they are driving the boat.  I think the smile on Bella’s face says it all.  These kids love the water and they love Pop’s big yellow boat.  We take water safety seriously and the kids know the rule- if you are on the boat, you life-jacket is on.  No ifs, and, or buts about it.  While they were babies, they weren’t too thrilled with the life-jackets, but now that they are older, they understand the purpose of wearing a life-jacket and don’t complain.  We also work to set good examples for them and make sure to wear life-jackets too.

Boating with Kids

On Father’s Day, we found a nice, little shallow area where we could touch even out in the middle of the river.  I’m so thankful for my iPhone and being able to capture these memories forever.  Since Justin was able to touch bottom, Bryson wanted him to throw him over and over.  I caught the shot below and just love it!

River Play

We are hoping to go out on the boat again soon.  I can’t believe it’s already almost August!  It feels like this summer has flown by, but it stays warm here for a while so we should be able to hit the water at least another time or two.

Jump offers great resources and tools for boaters of all levels.  It’s not too late to hit the water this summer and make some memories!  If you don’t own a boat, check out local and find online.


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