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Princess Bella – Zulily Dance Week

Bella reminds me so much of myself sometimes that it’s crazy.  She loves taking care of her baby dolls and acting like a little mama, but she isn’t into the frill of being a girl.  Anytime I put on a dress of long, flowy skirt, she smiles and says, “Mama, you are a princess!”  Every once in a while, I can talk her into dressing up like a princess… and then she usually finds the nearest puddle of mud, haha.  She likes to wear a tutu, but hates having her hair fixed.  Bows and headbands?  You can forget it.  She’ll keep a bow in for about 3 minutes and then she’s done.  “I don’t like it!,” she says and I don’t argue, because that’s just not a battle worth fighting.

Bella Grace Princess Tutu Zulily

The folks at zulily sent us a super cute tote bag filled with tutus, flowers clips, and headbands.  Bella wore one of them all day today and even went to her well check as a princess.  The tutus are adorable and I imagine we’ll get a lot of use out of them for imaginative play and dress up.  I have ordered everything from toys to clothing from zulily and love, love, love the site!     zulily is kicking off their Dance Week today (Monday) with fabulous brands at affordable prices.   Some of the zulily Dance Week events are listed below.

Zulily Dance Week


zulily Dance Week

Monday, June 3rd

Ballet Apparel & Shoes
Lexi-Lulu Designs

Tuesday, June 4th

Modern Dance Apparel
Danskin & Ballerina Girl

Wednesday, June 5th

Capezio & Future Star by Capezio

Thursday, June 6th

Butterfly Treasures
Top Apparel & Shoes

Friday, June 7th

Hip Hop & Jazz
Ferreira & Body Wrappers

Zulily Dance Week Promo

If you have a little dancer in your life, be sure to stop by zulily Dance Week!  This post contains my affiliate link, so if you click through and make a purchase, I thank you for supporting It’s Gravy, Baby! and my family.


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